From 16 January 2024 onwards, boggio started selling user-generated content, commonly abbreviated as 'UGC', relating to PHIGHTING! on the ROBLOX catalog. These UGC items currently consist of items worn by Phighters in-game, and can be purchased either from the ROBLOX website, by finding them next to The Broker in Crossroads or in the PHIGHT! Lobby.


Another Boombox

Another Boombox is a back accessory inspired by Boombox's boombox. The item depicts a large grey boombox with lime green accent decoration, an asymmetrical handle and two small speakers on the front with a small lime inner ring. Each speaker has two smaller grey knobs above and two parallel grey lines underneath. The center of the boombox is a lighter grey and contains two smaller grey rectangles on the upper area.

Hat of the Devoted

Hat of the Devoted is a hat accessory inspired by Scythe's hat. It resembles a large white altered cowboy hat with a golden trimming around the outer rim and a Lost Temple insignia on the hatband. On either side of the crown, there are two openings where a set of spiked curved horns emerge, following a cyan-to-black gradient the further they get from the opening.

Mask of the Vengeful

Mask of the Vengeful is a face accessory inspired by Katana's mask. The item is a large white mask with a dark-maroon lower portion. Large gaps with red accents are cut out for the eyes with a Thieves' Den insignia between them in the center. Two red tusks protrude from the lower portion of the mask. The mask is supported from behind by three gray straps in a tripod configuration.

Mask of Doom

Mask of Doom is a hat accessory inspired by Subspace's gas mask. It resembles a low grey gas mask with a thick neon pink divider down the middle. The two air filters also have a grey base with a neon pink ring. The mask has two straps coming out of either side, wrapping around the players head, as well as a detached strap, serving as an eyepatch.

Horns of Madness

Horns of Madness is a hat accessory inspired by Subspace's horns and crystal. This item resembles two pairs of neon pink horns on either side of the player's head, curling around and tapering upwards, with a simiarly-colored floating crystal in between the two highest tips.

Suspicious Carrying Bag

Suspicious Carrying Bag is a back accessory inspired by Subspace's bag. This accessory resembles a large cylindrical bag with a light grey body, closed off at each end by two dark grey discs, one of which has a neon pink interior. The side of the cylinder facing away from the player contains a blocky gradient, with increasingly darker shades of pink towards the bottom.