Patch Notes/29 October 2023


5 versions released at 5:22 PM, 5:47 PM, 6:06 PM, 10:10 PM, and 11:13 PM EST.

General additions and changes:

  • Fixed issue where Traffic didnt work.
  • Fixed issue where servers would have infinite intermission.
  • Adjusted lighting.
  • Adjusted team colors from the original Possessed vs. Bitten team colors.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing I to hide the server code wouldn't work.

Ban Hammer

  • Order
    • BUG FIX: Fixed issue where landing Order outside of the sweet spot would not grant any shield.
    • Hitbox size slightly increased.
  • Litigation
    • Move description updated.
  • Judgement
    • BUG FIX: Properly counts each person killed as a charge.
    • BUG FIX: Fixed issue where players dying from Ban Hammer's Phinisher would not grant him any charge.
    • Move description updated.
    • Now has voice lines when missing Judgement.


    • Maximum Haste reduced to 25% from 35%.
    • Now starts at 0% Slow rather than 35%.
    • Passive Haste increases linearly rather than exponentially.
  • RUN!!
  • SWITCH!!
    • SWITCH!! to off board damage lowered to match speed (maximum 35 damage).
    • SWITCH!! to off board to RUN!! now deactivates the E hitbox.