Playtest 2

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Playtest 2, is the second playtest and first major content update for PHIGHTING that occurred between 15-19 April 2022. During the playtest, content was released over multiple days. Although it was intended that the game would be closed following this playtest, the game was reopened to the public from 21 April to 25 July.

Event - Easter 2022

The first in-game event themed around Easter. Killing or assisting enemy players leave behind collectable eggs at their point of death. Meeting the 50, 100 and 150 egg collection thresholds gave players a skin. These skins being: Medcarrot, PJ Rocket and Catshot.

Phestival 2 - Fried vs Scrambled

Main article: Phestival 2 - Fried vs Scrambled

The first Phestival occurred during the playtest. Players chose between two teams, themed around the methods of cooking eggs: Fried vs Scrambled.

New Phighter

Skateboard was made available to play on 18 April 2022, 1:23 AM EST.

New cosmetics


The following skins were added in this update:


The following stickers were added in this update:



The following maps were added in this version:


See Playtest 2/Additional Versions to see a list of all changes made during Playtest 2.


  • Only 100 players successfully completed the Easter event.

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