Catshot is an unlockable skin for Slingshot. It can be obtained from Zuka's shop for 50,000 Bux.

Catshot was released on 15 April 2022 as a reward to players who collected 150 eggs during the Egg Hunt 2022 event. This skin depicts Slingshot with a cat tail and wearing a sky blue maid outfit, with white frills decorating his chest and the hem of the skirt and the cuffs of his sleeves. This skin changes the shape of his slingshot into Soda's logo (a cat head with a heart in the middle). His eyes now have white hearts in them and his mouth has been changed to a "3" to resemble the fact of a cat.

When using Quick Feet, his double-jump plays a meow and the trail of steps is replaced with hearts. When using Sling Shot, a meow sound is accompanied with each shot. When using Heavy Hurler, a lower-pitched meow accompanies the shot followed by a trail of hearts and the impact position is made a heart. When using Scattershot, a meow replaces the impact sound. When using Sidestep, a meow accompanies the sound of the dash as hearts trail behind him. When using Leg Day, the animation plays out normally, but instead of taking a stance, Catshot does a little dance before running off. The lasers now play distant meows that progressively get higher in pitch. The laser also leaves a trail of hearts now. All effects are light blue.


Cozyshot is an unlockable skin for Slingshot. It can be obtained from Zuka's shop for 50,000 Bux. This skin depicts Slingshot in cold weather attire. He has a blue coat with white fur around the collar, fastened by 3 straps across his chest. On his left-hand side, his coat extends down to just below his knee with a white fur trim; on the right, it ends at his waist. His pants are dark blue and his shoes are the same blue-and-white as his default. He has a grey chest harness with silver studs on it that go down either shoulder and meets on a strap around his waist. His headband now has a bow on it with a centerpiece on the knot that glows. His slingshot's handle is now patterned with a blue-and-white candy cane pattern, with two feathers on either side of it just below the slingshot itself. His slingshot has a blue-and-grey peppermint shape in the middle of it that glows, and the center of the string has a star shape.

When using Quick Feet, his double-jump and steps are followed by snowflakes. When using Sling Shot, the little particles emitted from the full charge are now snowflakes. Upon releasing the shot, the sound of a snowball hitting something plays. When using Heavy Hurler, the snowball sound is played again as the laser is followed by large snowflake trail. When using Scattershot, the light snowball sound is played. When using Sidestep, a trail of snowflakes follow. When using Leg Day, a trail of snowflakes follow the laser as the sound of wind and a gust accompanied by some snow crunch plays as the pitch gets progressively higher. All effects are now a lighter, less-saturated blue.


Cursedshot is an unlockable skin for Slingshot. It can be obtained from Zuka's shop for 50,000 Bux. Cursedshot was released on 1 November 2023 during the Possessed vs. Bitten Phestival and was available to all players through the NPC in Crossroads. This skin depicts Slingshot wearing a crown and collar inspired by royal Ancient Egyptian attire. He wears arm braces with runic symbols and two fin-like structures sticking out of each one, as well as a robe and bandages around his torso and legs and a pair of sandals. One of his eyes is covered by bandages, covering half of his face, and his visible eye is black with a white pupil. Similar to Catshot, this skin features Slingshot with a tail, although Cursedshot's is black and has a gold ring where the tail meets his body. His right horn has two piercings on the lower half. His hat also includes two horn-like extensions, which are covered in equally spaced gold rings.

When using Quick Feet, the double-jump plays a whooshing sound and the steps play the sounds of stepping on glass or pottery shards. Trailing behind him are these rings with triangles. When using Sling Shot, a distorted charge up noise plays while a red ring is summoned and fades as it shrinks and warps closer to the slingshot. When releasing the shot, a sound of a band snapping plays and a the red ring is shown at the base. When using Heavy Hurler, a distorted charge-up sound plays as the red rings start to build up energy at the tip of the slingshot and firing the shot plays a distorted firing sound accompanied by a string snapping and a trail of red rings. When using Scattershot, a band snapping sound plays as the shot is fired and the sound echos. When using Sidestep, a whooshing sound plays accompanied by sand falling. When using Leg Day, the sound of rushing wind plays upon the shot being activated and is followed by this odd clicking and a howl when the shot is released and the howls get progressively higher in pitch. The trail behind Cursedshot has some serrated edges in it. The laser are supported by the larger, red ring at it's base and when fired a trail of the rings follow. All effects are now this vibrant red.

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