King of the Hill


King of the Hill is a map in PHIGHTING!.


King of the Hill is a conquer map in PHIGHTING!. It is comprised of a large hill (as the name implies) for the majority of the map, with the conquer point at the hill's summit. Surrounding the top of the hill are ramps, pillars, and other obstacles. Each cardinal direction has a ramp or somewhat bumpy ascent towards the top. Two ruins can be seen to the left and right of the hill, decorated with bridges and other objects that may provide cover for escaping conflict on the point. In the center of the map, there is a single flag surrounded by dozens of swords sticking out of the ground. Beyond the map and inaccessible to the player, giant stone pillars can be seen in the distance. A crown adorns one with a giant stone statue holding onto it. If the player looks up, an almost phantom-like giant crown rests above the top of the hill.

Gameplay features

During Overtime and One Minute Left, the map will transition to a nighttime variant and it will begin to rain.


King of the Hill is set in a large battlefield with several ruined structures and small hills with trees surrounding the larger, central hill. There is also an abundance of pillars and old banners sprinkled around, colored either red or blue (depending on which side of the map they're found). On the largest hill is another group of 4 pillars. They surround another elevated area with several swords sticking out of the ground along with a large green flag in the center. Grassy rocks can also be found around the central elevation. Surrounding the battlefield are sheer cliff faces with large statues. They depict ROBLOX characters wearing spiked crowns and giant crowns resting on the cliffs.



29 August 2022

Playtest 2


  • This map is based on the 2008 game King of the Hill v1.5 by JoshJosh117 and featured on builderman's profile.

Version history

22 April 2023

  • The sword piles no longer obstruct players and projectiles.
  • The slope of the hill was lowered.

8 April 2023

  • Increased size of killbricks at the outer borders of the map.
  • Sword piles no longer block projectiles.

V0.5.0 - 8 April 2023

  • King of the Hill was reworked.

8 January 2023

29 August 2022

  • King of the Hill received a visual revamp.

Playtest 2 - 15 April 2022

  • King of the Hill was added to the game.


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