Patch Notes/22 April 2023


2 versions released at 2:08 AM and 11:40 PM.

General additions and changes:

  • Eggs can now be collected upon killing/assisting on an enemy Phighter.
  • The chance of a Sword event occurring was increased from 4% to 5%.
  • The chance for a 66.6x match was increased from 1% to 2%.
  • The chance for a 13x match was increased from 5% to 10%.

Map changes:

  • BOGIO Skatepark
    • BOGIO Skatepark received a visual overhaul.
    • Can now be played on the Conquer gamemode.
  • King of the Hill
    • The sword piles no longer obstruct players and projectiles.
    • The slope of the hill was lowered.
  • Space Knights
    • Space Knights received a visual overhaul.


  • The Eggsquerade Boombox skin was added to the game.