This page is about the game mechanic. For the location in the PHIGHTING! universe, see The Spawn.

Spawning is a game mechanic where players start from a map's spawn area at the start of a match or after dying. If a player dies, they will respawn at a spawn area 8 seconds after, reduced to 5 seconds during One Minute Left.


When a player spawns, a spinning spawn symbol appears at their location and they will be invisible, immune, and unable to move or use abilities for 1 second. After the 1 second elapses, they will become visible, be launched in their movement direction, and granted immunity for 1.5 seconds (represented by a forcefield around them). If not moving, they will instead jump upwards.

After spawning, players are given 100% Haste which decays over 4 seconds. This stacks with Haste provided by abilities (such as Shuriken's As Fast as the Wind).

During the preparing phase at the start of a match, all players are invisible and are instead granted 200% Haste upon spawning.

Medkit's Divine Resurrection and Ghostwalker's Sword event grants all revived players the same spawning mechanics.


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