Bat vs. Rat


Bat vs. Rat is a Phestival that occured during Playtest 4. The Phestival was announced on 10 October 2022 and took place from October 28 to November 1.


Bat vs. Rat is a Phestival themed around Halloween. Valk represented Team Bat (dark purple), and Dom represented Team Rat (lime green). Starting from this Phestival onward, the scoring system to determine the winning team is now based on 3 categories:

  1. Popularity
  2. Winrate (%)
  3. Kill/Death (K/D) ratio

Whichever team wins the most categories is the winner of its Phestival.

During the Phestival, the following were added:


Statistics highlighted in bold represent the team that won the category.


These results were released on 1 November 2022 12:06 AM.

Category Bat Rat
Popularity 51.82% 48.18%
Winrate 50.11% 51.86%
K/D ratio 0.846 0.83
Winner Bat




  • Following the Phestival, 7GB0 released 3 sets of statistics for the number of kills, assists and games played throughout its duration on the boggio community Discord:
    • 121,619 kills.
    • 180,753 assists.
    • 6,854 games played.


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