Banland is a map in PHIGHTING!.


Banland is a fairly large and open hybrid map set on a fiery island in the middle of a lake of lava. Each team spawns in a small building on the same side of the map on opposite corners, with two exit doors which lead to ramps into the main area. Various ramps and pathways lead to a central high ground which provides clear lines of sight to the areas below. The central area contains the Conquer zone and consists of a large crystal formation in the middle as well as two arch structures on opposite sides, providing room for cover or as a vantage point. Besides the elevation of the terrain itself, the map is fairly open, offering only small walls and structures as cover.

Gameplay features

The entire map is surrounded by lava which serves as a stage boundary, instantly killing any player who steps off the main terrain and falls into it.


Banland takes place on a desolate, hellish island prison surrounded by a vast lake of lava. Cages hang from the sky or sit on top of large structures. A large wall decorated with purple banners sits in the background with aqueducts of lava flowing through it. A few gore elements are placed around the map, such as ribcages serving as pathways and ramps, and large, erratically moving eyeballs on walls and pillars. In the center stands a towering statue of Ban Hammer, the warden of Banland itself.


26 February 2024

Playtest 4

Playtest 2


  • This map is based on the 2010 game, Banland by Mzh3000.
  • The Broker and the various moving eyeballs around the map are animated by raddoob.
  • In the Playtest 4 version, The Broker can be found trapped inside a cage, with text stating he is in the "dumb idiot zone".
  • Banland is one of the only maps in PHIGHTING! that represents an actual location in The Inpherno, being the prison that Ban Hammer watches over. It shares this distinction with Darkage Cliffs. [1]
    • Despite this, the map is inaccurate to how it would actually appear in-universe, due to it being designed for gameplay first.

Version history

v0.5.0 - 8 April 2023

  • Removed the pillars that could be used by all Phighters.
  • The Ban Hammer statue was updated to use his current appearance.
  • The Broker can be found in a cage outside of red-side spawn.

Playtest 4 - 28 October 2022

  • The Banland rework was added to the game.

7 October 2022

  • The Banland rework was revealed to the public.

31 August 2022

  • Removed for reworks.

26 August 2022

  • Volume of Banland map theme increased.

16 April 2022

  • Banland was added to the game.


  1. aidn in boggio community, 29 June 2024 ( Link | Image ) - "the existence of darkage is canon but darkage cliffs itself is not like an actual visual of how the place would look [...] like banland in how banland exists but doesnt look exactly like that map cus its made for gameplay"

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