Exorcist Subspace

Exorcist Subspace is an unlockable skin for Subspace. It can be obtained from Zuka's shop for 30,000 Bux. It was initially released on 29 October 2022 during the Bat vs. Rat Phestival after the 30,000 assists community goal was met. It was removed before being re-added on 2 January 2023 during the Rave vs. Relax Phestival. The skin depicts Subspace wearing a black striped button-down shirt, with a red necktie and a jabot below; and there is a gray suspender over his right shoulder. The shirt has asymmetrical sleeves, with his left sleeve's cuffs rolled up and his right sleeve covered by a red arm guard on his forearm. He wears a black fingerless glove on his right hand. He wears gray pants with two belts on his right leg, black boots with red laces. He has a black and red cape in the shape of bat wings His crystal is transformed into the shape of an inverted cross, and a red rose is placed on top of his usual eyepatch. The pattern on his gas mask is changed to two stripes, resembling fangs in the concept art. His mines are given bat wings, and the gas canister at his back is changed into the shape of a coffin.


Cutiespace is an unlockable skin for Subspace. It can be obtained from Zuka's shop for 40,000 Bux. Cutiespace was released on 24 April 2023, during the Violets vs. Roses event and was available to all players via the NPC in Crossroads. The skin depicts Subspace wearing a large sweater with stripes around the arms and a ribbon around his neck. He wears a pair of cherry-themed leg warmers and has a rabbit-themed eyepatch. His gas canister is replaced with a basket of eggs, as are his tripmines. This skin alters Subspace's effects, but not his sounds, animations or dialogue.


Jesterspace is an unlockable skin for Subspace. It can be obtained from Zuka's shop for 75,000 Bux. During Decoy Deploy it could be obtained for 65,000 Bux. Jesterspace was released on 7 November 2023, at the end of the Possessed vs. Bitten Phestival as a reward to the winning team. The colors of the skin are predominantly orange and purple, and the skin itself is based on the arlecchino archetype featured in commedia dell'arte. He wears a Motley Coat with a purple bow tie accented with orange stripes at the ends, the center of it resembling a piece of candycorn. Candy corn is present along the shoulders of his outfit as decoration. His gas mask is split into two halves similarly to drama masks. The tragedy side is purple with orange highlights for the eye and mouth while the comedy side is white with purple outlines for the eye and mouth. The mouth of the skin is a large, toothy grin. He wears a cap n’ bells hat with an orange brim, the base of the hat being purple and the left-hand side of the hat is red while the other is orange. The outfit itself employs various different patterns such as diagonal stripes, 4-point stars, and circles. He wears a pair of purple long and pointed crakows with bells on the end, the top of the shoes orange. This skin alters Subspace's effects and sounds, but not his animations or dialogue.

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