Patch Notes/20 April 2024


4 versions released at 2:39 PM, 2:49 PM, 5:01 PM, and 10:37 PM EDT.

General additions and changes:

  • Shield now regenerates at 0.2% of maximum innate shield per tick or 12% per second, at a minimum of 6 shield per second.
  • Slow debuffs and penalties now hard cap at 50% (if not 100%).
  • Pings are now slightly more transparent, last for 3 seconds, and can be used after death.
  • Escort
    • The payload now moves 25% slower.
    • BUG FIX: Fixed an issue where score would display as "inf".
  • Private Servers
    • /fred <username> can now be used to force a player to the red team until disabled.
    • /fblue <username> can now be used to force a player to the blue team until disabled.
    • /fnone <username> can now be used to disable a player's forced team.
    • /fnone can be used to disable all players' forced team.
    • /kick <username> can now be used to kick a player from the server.
    • /sword can now be used to toggle Sword events from occuring.
    • Spectating players in freecam now locks the camera to the player rather than bringing the camera to their torso. The camera can be rotated freely by clicking, and X can be used to disconnect from the player.


  • Foul Counter
    • BUG FIX: Fixed issue where Foul Counter would calculate damage taken incorrectly.