Hitpoints are a statistic used by all Phighters. Hitpoints measures a Phighter's durability, how much damage they are able to take before dying. Hitpoints come in two forms: Health and Shield.


Health is a statistic (indicated in green) used by all Phighters. Any damage done to a Phighter's health bar cannot be restored without a healing ability. Health cannot be restored past its maximum. Phighters will die if their health reaches 0, regardless of shield.

Non-Phighter entities such as Vine Staff's plants or Venomshank's zombies cannot be healed.

The following abilities restore health:


Shield is a statistic (indicated in blue) present in certain Phighters and abilities. Shield can be removed after taking sufficient damage. Unlike health, healing abilities cannot restore shield.

When the player takes damage, shield (if present) will always be prioritized before health in this order:

  1. Overshield
  2. Innate shield
  3. Health

Instant-kills, such as Ban Hammer's Judgement, Biograft's Echo Execution, Hyperlaser's Eviscerating Ray, and killbricks ignore shield and deal damage directly to the health bar.

Innate shield

Shield that is part of a Phighter's general statistics. Innate shield is permanent and begins to regenerate to its maximum capacity at a rate of 10 shield per second after the player does not take damage for 6 seconds. Ban Hammer is the sole exception, as his passive, Oathbound, prevents natural innate shield regeneration. Medkit and Subspace are the only Phighters with no innate shield.

The following abilities restore innate shield:


Shield temporarily granted to the player through abilities. Any shield granted past the maximum innate shield is turned into overshield. Overshield can be lost if its duration expires or if it is broken with sufficient damage.

The following abilities grant overshield:

Version history

23 December 2022

  • Shield regeneration rate reduced from 15 per second to 10 per second.
  • BUG FIX: Shield regeneration rate is no longer affected by server lag.