Not to be confused with Phestivals, which are similar events where players represent two separate teams.

Phrenzies are weeklong events in PHIGHTING! where players are able to play special game modes for a limited time. Rewards are given to players based on their performance, typically in a percentage bracket of all total players. Phrenzies are each represented by a specific character in the PHIGHTING! world, who appear as an NPC and can be talked to instead of Zuka during the event to participate. Phrenzy matches are separate from standard PHIGHT! matches.


So far, there has been two Phrenzies within PHIGHTING!.

Phrenzy Theme Gimmick Date Rewards
Mix-Up Madness Darkheart Randomized Phighters 19 August 2023 - 27 August 2023 Stargazer Rocket
'Darkheart Follower' title
'Pandemonius' title
'Aphelion' title
Decoy Deploy The Broker Same-Phighter teams 13 July 2024 - 21 July 2024 TBA


In the first Phrenzy, Mix-Up Madness, points were accumulated over the course of the Phrenzy and players were awarded by the percent threshold they fell in. This was calculated by taking the total amount of players who played, and seeing who fell into the upper 1%, 5%, 25% and 50% of all scores. All players who tied with the minimum point requirement for the threshold received the corresponding rewards. Additionally, players who fell into higher percent thresholds were awarded with the previous awards below their threshold. Rewards could vary from titles, skins, and kill effects.

  • Points were awarded based on the player's position on the leaderboard.
    • Placing 10th would award the player with 1 points while placing 1st would award the player with 10 points.
    • On matches with the game-mode Conquer your position on the leaderboard could be influenced by time spent on the point.

The second Phrenzy, Decoy Deploy, changed its scoring system from being cumulative, to being a best of a players' scores. Rather than add up a player's scores from every match, instead the game would keep track of their top 3 rounds with any individual Phighter, and add up the resulting scores. This changed the Phrenzy scoring system to being a test of skill, rather than a matter of completing as many games as possible. The contributing factors to score included kills, deaths, assists and Conquer points. Support Phighters had their damage output doubled to facilitate the scoring requirements.

Phrenzy 1: Mix-Up Madness

Mix-up Madness was represented by Darkheart, who appeared on top of Zuka’s truck in Crossroads. When spoken to he would bring you to a separate lobby from the PHIGHT! Lobby. In this lobby players were able to complete in 5v5 matches with randomized Phighters for points. Points were only awarded in this lobby and unable to be earned in the regular PHIGHT! Lobby. A leaderboard could be found in the spawn area of the Phrenzy lobby displaying the top 10 highest scoring players, which was later changed to the top 100. During these Phrenzy matches Darkheart would occasionally trigger random effects on players, similar to his Sword event, although less frequently. Each time one of these effects triggered the pitch of the song would change.

Phrenzy 2: Decoy Deploy

Decoy Deploy is the second Phrenzy which occurred during V0.8.0. The Phrenzy was teased 7 July 2024 and then officially announced 12 July 2024 will take place from July 13 to July 21.

Phrenzy 2 will be represented by The Broker. During this Phrenzy players will be playing 5v5 matches while playing as the same Phighter. As well the rewards model changed from accumulating points from multiple games to a high score model where players were only rewarded based on their personal best. As well the leaderboard has been shrunken to only displaying the top 25 players with their highest score.


Mix-Up Madness

  • 5v5 mode with all Phighters randomized.
    • Players will be given a new random Phighter each time they die.
      • This does not apply if a player dies to environmental hazards without being damaged by an opponent, as to prevent rerolling until one gets their Phighter of choice.
    • Duplicate Phighters on the same team are allowed with no limits.
    • Map vote was removed and the game would automatically select a map at random.

Decoy Deploy

  • 5v5 mode where all players are forced to play the same Phighter.

Zombie Rush

  • TBA


  • Phrenzies were first introduced on 20 June 2023 from a post by aidn.