The PHIGHT! Lobby is the main area for the player to compete in matches with up to 9 other players. During intermissions, players vote between 3 randomly selected maps. The PHIGHT! Lobby can be accessed by speaking to Zuka in Crossroads. They may speak to him again in the PHIGHT! Lobby to return back.


The PHIGHT! Lobby has a green and blue screen behind Zuka. There are also several gray slopes near the green/blue screen, along with 2 test dummies, Rojer and Roger, where you can test out your Phighters. Next to the green/blue screens are two sets of NPCs who can change your team colors. Other NPCs, such as Traffic, Ghosdeeri, and Zuka, are also present in the PHIGHT! Lobby.


At 15 seconds left of the intermission, the screen will zoom out and cut to a gameshow-like area where Dom and Valk are seen standing behind a counter, with a photo of the Flipside logo on the wall. Shortly after, three random maps will be chosen for voting. Dom and Valk will exchange conversation based on one of the maps that are being shown on the screen.

Summer variant

During the Ice Cream vs. Popsicle Phestival, the PHIGHT! Lobby was changed into a summer theme, with sandcastles, pools, and an alcove where Traffic could be found. The four quadrants of the lobby, each representing a faction, were changed too: For Blackrock, their castle became a sandcastle, with a campfire set up inside with rojer, the default dummy in the lobby, resting by it. Playground was changed to be a pool, with the one floating orb having a volleyball inside it, and the floor being sand, alongside the pool with multiple floaties inside it. Zuka's appearance was also changed to wear more appropriate clothes, wearing a tank top, alongside a long white chair where he can supposedly rest at.

April Fools' 2024 variant

For April Fools' 2024, the PHIGHT! Lobby was changed to be a complete mess of random things. Giant meshes of Brokercoins can be seen surrounding the lobby, as well was the area with the tower modifying said structure to be very tall. The Blackrock corner was changed to reference Princess Peach's castle from the Super Mario series, proven by a warp pipe from said game(s) and a sign above it reading: "your medkit is in another region lol". There are also mushrooms, further referencing the Mario franchise. At the back corner of the Blackrock segment, there is a new brown wooden open room. The "Jerome Household" was moved to the top of the highest slope in the corner where Roger and Rojer are.



Ice Cream vs. Popsicle



  • The PHIGHT! Lobby is a miniature version of Classic: Crossroads.
  • Four different tracks can play in the PHIGHT! Lobby, these songs being "SEE YOU ON", "TAKE YOUR TIME", "TTYL", and "READ BY THE BOOK".
  • Loon Skirmish, Toad Factory, and Ninja Hideaway used to play in the PHIGHT! Lobby, they were removed in V0.6.0
  • A brick house officially named the 'Jerome Household' by the development team is present under the lobby. It has the following features:
    • A large anchored statue of Biograft.
    • A 'Jerome Ball' that can be pushed around by the player.
    • A leg belonging to Sonic the Hedgehog.
    • Rocket and Sword is present on the house's balcony. They use the models from phighting 2: Godzilla man's wrath, an older version of PHIGHTING!

Version history

v0.3.0 - 26 August 2022

  • The PHIGHT! Lobby received some visual changes, including:
    • A new island.
    • Various areas of the map have been moved around.
    • The 'Jerome Household' was added under the lobby and a minature version appears on the shelf behind Zuka.
    • A stud measurement scale.

? April 2022

  • Zuka was implemented in the PHIGHT! Lobby.

Playtest 1 - 19 February 2022

  • The PHIGHT! Lobby was introduced to the game.


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