Darkheart is an NPC in PHIGHTING!.


Sword Event

At One Minute Left, there will be a chance for Darkheart's event to occur, signaled by his sword appearing in the center of the map, the screen being tinted green, and players getting a symbol of Darkheart's smile on them. During the event, Darkheart will give all players a random curse when the timer reaches 0:54 and every 4 seconds thereafter. Before applying curses, he will talk for 2 seconds, signifying the effect he's about to apply. Darkheart has a chance to cancel the current curse. At the end of the match, or Overtime, in case of it happening, the curses applied on players will disappear. Darkheart can give players one of the following curses:

  • 50% bound
  • 100% jump boost
  • 50% slow
  • 100% vulnerable
  • Swapping 2 players' positions
  • Fling all players in different directions
  • Set all HP values to a random amount between 30 and 200


Phrenzy 1 was represented by Darkheart, and he moved to the top of Zuka’s truck as the method of getting into Phrenzy matches. During Phrenzy 1, Darkheart’s event is always active. His effects are the same, but they trigger much less frequently.


Darkheart can usually be found fishing under the bridge leading to Blackrock at Crossroads. After the Sun vs. Moon Phestival, the player could interact with him to exchange their Sun and Moon Essence for Bux. This exchange could also be done in the Violets vs. Roses Phestival with Eggs.



Darkheart refers to himself plurally. The reason for this is unknown.


The Swords

Darkheart and The Swords are siblings related by blood.[4]


Darkheart is close with Venomshank.[5]


Darkheart previously worked together with Zuka, they are now friends.[5]


Darkheart and Illumina dislike each other.[5]

Ban Hammer, Dom, Sword, and Valk

Ban Hammer, Dom, Sword, and Valk are Darkheart's nephews.



??? "Don't mind us.."
"We're just watching from a distance..."

Sword Event

  • "A little bit of chaos is fun.. don't you think?"
  • "We're here.. did ya miss us..? Just in time ain't we!"
  • "We've been watching you for quite some time.."

Sword event - Multi

  • "We'll be joining too!"
  • "Room for two more?"
  • "Let us play too!"

Sword event - Teaser

  • "Nevermind! Catch ya later!"
  • "Whoops.. got here a bit too early!"

Sword event - Curses

  • "A bit of random health sounds fun right about now..."
  • "An invisible force is incoming..!"
  • "Feeling vulnerable..?"
  • "Get moving now..!"
  • "Have a little boost in speed..!"
  • "Let's jump..!"
  • "Let's test out your aim..!"
  • "Let's remove your protection..!"
  • "Let's reveal your weakness..!"
  • "Let's speed it up..."
  • "Let's switch it up..!"
  • "Let's switch with some friends..!"
  • "The old switcheroo..!"
  • "Watch for cliffs..."
  • "We'll give you a hint for what health we'll set you to... it's higher than [x]..!"
  • "We're feeling a gust of wind come along..!"
  • "We're feeling bouncy..!"

Cancelled Curses

  • "Did you fall for it..?"
  • "Just kidding..!"
  • "Tricked ya..!"

Sun vs. Moon

Darkheart "Ooh.. Hello there."
"We've been watching you for quite some time, hehe."
"Let's see, if you have any extra sun or moon essence on you, we'll gladly take it..."

Violets vs. Roses

Before exchange was added:

Darkheart "We're just watching from a distance..."
"If you have anything to trade with us... give us a little time to prepare..."

After exchange was added:

Darkheart "It seems that you have a few things on you that we can take..."
"Those eggs... we'll gladly take them..."
"For each of your egg... we'll give you 75 Bux..."
"How about it?... For your [x] eggs... we'll give you 75*[x] Bux..."

Ice Cream vs. Popsicle

Darkheart "If you think you've made a mistake in your choosings, we can help you..."
"We will give you one chance to retake your choice..."
"How about it..?"
Yes No


Darkheart "We'll be waiting..."

Mix-Up Madness

Darkheart "Ready to cause a bit of mischief...?"
Yes No

Darkheart "You can play our special little game for a limited time... Your current score is [x]... How would you like to join us..?"
Random Code
Darkheart "Enjoy..."

Darkheart "We see."
Darkheart "Let us know when you're ready..."


Sound effects



  • Darkheart was first teased in ROBLOX Museum where the Darkheart display would fall over on contact.
  • He would not be a good parent.[6]


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