Blackrock is one of four regions in the Phighting universe. It consists of technologically advanced icy mountains controlled by a powerful government. It is the current home of three Phighters in-game so far.





Biografts are robots mass produced by Blackrock, having been invented by Subspace with directives to accomplish specific programmed tasks. According to multiple Phighters, they are a relatively recent invention. There are multiple kinds of Biografts with specific skillsets and duties, and they are all based on variants of the Biograft Energy Swords gear. In general, Biografts are not sentient, but specific types of Biografts may be able to form a bond with one another. Biografts are not a hive mind and do not share gained memories with each other. So far, five types of Biografts have been revealed.

Zeta Biograft

Zeta Biografts are the main types of Biografts produced, serving as foot soldiers for Blackrock. One or multiple Zeta Biografts are also the model available as a playable class within PHIGHTING!. They are extremely objective-oriented, routinely disparaging themselves if they fail their task, and struggle to understand anything that is not explicitly pre-programmed into them - such as their hatred for Medkit, their working relationship with Hyperlaser, or their prerogative to address Subspace as 'creator' - but have the capacity to learn new concepts. Zeta Biografts are supposedly made with artificial flesh, but whether this is true for other Biografts is unknown.

Beta Biograft

Beta Biografts are considered the tanks of Blackrock, being produced with heavy defense and offensive capabilities. Not much is known about them, but a Beta Biograft is available as a skin for the playable Biograft, being the only skin in-game to be considered canon.

Chi Biograft

Chi Biografts are a relatively small type of Biograft that have so far only been revealed during the Subspace Valentine's event held on Soda's Twitter. Their purpose is unknown, but they are an even more recent invention than other Biografts.

Epsilon Biograft

Epsilon Biografts are a type of Biograft confirmed to exist, but so far lack any distinct information regarding them.

Omega Biograft

Omega Biografts are a type of Biograft produced to be soldiers or bodyguards for nobles and other elites of Blackrock. They are intentionally modelled by Subspace after Ban Hammer, notably in their armor design.[1] So far, Lord Pwnatious "Moneybags" the III's Omega Biograft Carnage is the only known Biograft of this type. They possess a more capable AI than other Biografts, but this is unique to Carnage and is not a trait shared by other Omega Biografts. Otherwise, not much is known about these Biografts in general.


Midnight Crow

Blackrock is home to the midnight crow, a species of bird native to the region. They are only active at night, and are very intelligent, though aggressive, and can be tamed. Their eyes turn red during the night. Unlike their counterparts, the lovedoves found in Playground, they do not come in any fancy variants.


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