Patch Notes/10 March 2024


This version released at 6:22 PM EST.

General additions and changes:

  • The following tracks were added to the game:
  • Phighters now must be at the same height or higher than the Conquer zone for it to count as contesting.
  • Ragdolls will now destroy themselves rather than disappear with special effects for performance reasons

Map adjustments:

Skin adjustments:

  • BUG FIX: Fixed some problems with Vine Splash.
    • Updated Vine Splash sfx (by Xtriel).
    • Updated Yulaser SFX (by Crablooshi).
    • Updated Beta Biograft SFX(by Key after Key).

Ban Hammer:

  • Litigation
    • Spin speed decreased from 0.25s to 0.2s.
      • As a result, the maximum number of spins increased from 16 to 20.
    • Final hit now gives 15 shield per enemy.


  • NEW EFFECT: All projectiles will now check line of sight from the tip of her gun where the projectiles spawn rather than her torso for hit detection.
  • Harvest / Let 'Er Rip
  • Bull's-eye
    • Projectile speed increased from 20 to 25.
    • Now recovers 50% of ammo used on hit.
  • Final Serenade
    • Damage increased from 8 per tick to 9 per tick.


Vine Staff: