Doomspire is a map in PHIGHTING!.


Doomspire consists of a large, open airport runway situated below four large towers serving as both teams’ spawns. In order to access the rest of the map players must jump onto the runway below, either from the protruding exit route or from an alternate exit hole in the center of the spawn room. Doomspire’s Conquer zone is positioned in the center of the runway. On either side of the point are airport runway-related obstacles and varying terrain; one side features a raised fueling platform while the other consists of a lowered and open loading area. Both sides are bordered by large buildings and provide two entry passages into an open area underneath the Conquer zone. Either end of the runway leads to an open sea which serves as a stage boundary.

Gameplay features

Doomspire’s main obstacle is two planes that will periodically swoop through or land on the central runway, instantly killing any players they make contact with while moving. These events are preceded by an orange flash encompassing the runway at set intervals throughout the round, with a dialogue cue of either “THE PLANE IS COMING!” or “THE PLANE IS LANDING!” signaling a plane’s swooping through or landing on the Conquer zone respectively. The landing plane, a low, sleek jet, must be scaled to contest the Conquer zone, and acts as a temporary change in terrain. Immediately after the flash signaling a plane’s arrival a glass panel under the point will shift open, allowing attentive players to evade the plane by escaping to the underground area.

At One Minute Left, the map will transition to its nighttime variant.


Doomspire takes place in the central runway of an airport owned by “Spireline Airlines”, situated on a small island dotted with tropical palm trees. Each of the classic Doomspire towers act as air traffic control buildings, with players’ spawns positioned inside the towers above the runway and buildings below. These towers are colored red and blue by default, though variants of Doomspire during Phestivals may color the towers in the Phestival’s team colors instead.

The area of the runway where the Conquer zone is located consists of glass panes bearing the Spireline Airlines logo, allowing for vision of the open underground area. On either side of the runway are two Spireline Airlines buildings, one with a raised entrance area. Obstacles differ on each side of the map, the raised platform featuring a scalable refueling installment and two small entrances to the underground area, and the opposite side featuring a much more open, lowered ramp leading to underneath point. Adorning the map are railings draped in branded Spireline Airlines tarps, gray stair trucks, fueling canisters, and overturned service cars, providing cover in otherwise open areas and opportunities for creative terrain usage.

The swooping plane takes the form of a light blue passenger airliner with red accents bearing the Spireline Airlines logo on its rear. The landing plane is a wide and low-built gray jet plane branded as the “Spireline X33”.


25 February 2024

Playtest 1


  • This map is based on the 2008 game, Classic Brickbattle-Doomspire by superbloxman52.
  • During Phestivals, Doomspire's towers changed colors depending on the colors of the team.
  • The Doomspire plane's name is canonically Pequeno.
  • Doomspire was Narwhill and Roxie's first PHIGHTING! map.
  • Doomspire is the only map to have two Phestival variants.

Version history

22 April 2023

8 January 2023

Playtest 1 - 18 February 2022

  • Doomspire was added to the game.


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