Vanilla vs. Chocolate


Vanilla vs. Chocolate is a Phestival that occurred during V0.3.0. The Phestival was announced on 16 August 2022 and took place from August 26 to August 30.


Vanilla vs. Chocolate is a Phestival themed around summer. Valk represented Team Vanilla (yellow), and Dom represented Team Chocolate (brown).

During the Phestival, the following were added:


Statistics highlighted in bold represent the team that won the category.

This Phestival's total score is calculated with (popularity + (winrate * 4)) / 5.

Day 1

These results were released on 27 August 2022 1:55 AM.

Category Vanilla Chocolate
Popularity 48.21% 51.79%
Winrate 50.44% 50.34%
Total 49.98 50.63
Current lead Chocolate

Day 2

These results were released on 28 August 2022 12:17 AM.

Category Vanilla Chocolate
Popularity 50.24% 49.76%
Winrate 51.47% 50.48%
Total 51.22 50.34
Current lead Vanilla

Day 3

These results were released on 29 August 2022 1:06 AM.

Category Vanilla Chocolate
Popularity 48.55% 51.45%
Winrate 62.54% 61.99%
Total 59.74 59.88
Current lead Chocolate

Day 4

These results were released on 29 August 2022 1:56 PM.

Category Vanilla Chocolate
Popularity 48.71% 51.29%
Winrate 69.54% 70.10%
Total 65.37 66.34
Current lead Chocolate

These results were released on 29 August 2022 10:33 PM.

Category Vanilla Chocolate
Popularity 48.93% 51.07%
Winrate 75.83% 75.36%
Total 70.45 70.50
Current lead Chocolate


These results were released on 30 August 2022 1:15 AM.

Category Vanilla Chocolate
Popularity 49.13% 50.87%
Winrate 77.58% 77.33%
Total 71.89 72.04
Winner Chocolate



Valk and Dom


"Hey! You look new here! Press Z or whatever!"
"Welcome to Crossroads."
"Think you need a bit of help to start you off? Press either of these numbers."
Yes No


"I think that's about all we've got to say."
"Go out there and get 'em, Phighter."
"Make sure to come to us to choose which team you'll be on before hopping into battle!"
"You can speak to Zuka, the guy with the car behind us, if you want to go battle."
"Also, Crossroads is still under construction, so keep that in mind when walking around."

Team Vanilla


Valk "Hey!"
"Thought of a team for the Phestival yet?"
"I'm team Vanilla, so if you love vanilla just like me, join my team!"
"Whaddya think?"
Yes No


Valk "You really sure? You can't change your mind about this!"
Yes No


Valk "Great choice! Let's win this!"

Team Chocolate


Dom "Have you thought of a team for the Phestival?"
"If you enjoy chocolate like me, then join my team."
"What do you think?"
Yes No


Dom "No problem, make sure you make the right choice."


Dom "Are you sure? You cannot switch teams if you join mine."
Yes No


Dom "Good choice. Victory will be ours."


Before team selection:


Zuka "Hey kid."
"If you wanna travel anywhere with me, you gotta pick your team first."
"Go talk to Dom and Valk 'bout that."


Valk "Hey! Good seeing you!"
"Is something up?"
Chit-chat Help

Valk - Chit-Chat

Valk "I don't get why Dom likes chocolate so much."
"Like, I get that milk chocolate tastes good, but like white chocolate and dark chocolate? Really?"
"I can really only tolerate the taste of milk chocolate."

Valk "Out of all the places in this place, the one I love the most gotta be Playground."
"It has such a super fun feel to it."

Valk "Originally we were gonna go with the teams Team Pool vs Team Beach for this Phestival."
"Seemed kinda uneven though, who would ever want to go to the beach rather than a pool?"

Valk "You bought our album right?"
"I'll take that as a yes."

Valk - Help

Valk "These glasses aren't actual glasses, obviously, but sometimes I wanna see the world a bit clearly."
"That's why I press the N button, makes things a lot easier to see."


Dom "Hello, good seeing you again."
"Anything you need?"
Chit-chat Help

Dom - Chit-Chat

Dom "Crossroads is the only center of this massive area."
"I used to visit Blackrock often. Despite its seemingly evil environment, the landscapes are very nice."

Dom "Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, my you can even turn chocolate into chocolate chips!"
"I cannot even pinpoint what you could do with vanilla."

Dom "Valk and I have known each other for eons now."
"Long ago, I used to be shorter than him, could you believe that?"
"Albeit, that was when we were very young, he was only by a fraction of a stud nonetheless."

Dom "We truly worked hard to put up all of these Phestival decorations just for you."
"Do you like them?"
"You have to like them, I'm not allowing you to not like them."

Dom - Help

Dom "At times, whenever I'm not feeling my current outfit, I simply press the X button."
"You should try it some time."



  • The original theme for this Phestival was Pool vs. Beach, but it was scrapped due to concerns about uneven popularity between the teams.


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