Crossroads is an area in the PHIGHTING! universe and game. It serves as the main lobby for PHIGHTING!. Each cardinal direction leads towards the 4 main regions, Blackrock, Lost Temple, Playground and Thieves' Den.


Crossroads is the main central hub for PHIGHTING! with bridges to the 4 factions - Blackrock, Lost Temple, Playground and Thieves' Den - coming in from each cardinal direction. Within Crossroads lies an abundance of establishments, corporations, and other buildings that are commonly referenced in other maps.


Locations will be put into quadrants, which are separated by each bridge or faction. Skins will be in bold to assist anyone searching for them. Information is dated and information is subject to change. Last revised on March 24, 2024.

Blackrock to Playground


A restaurant nearest to the Blackrock bridge, where people drink beverages and consume soup. Exorcist Subspace is sitting at a table. A van and the DEATH RAMP 6000 are located outside.

Unnamed residential buildings

The yellow bricked house has no notable features, serving most likely as decoration. The blue bricked houses are connected to each other via a bridge. One of the buildings also contains 2 chairs on the roof. Sci-fi Sword can be found in a room attached to the bridge of one of the blue bricked houses.

Pink Parlor

A cafe serving coffee and baked goods, such as cookies, muffins, and macarons, located somewhat close to the Playground bridge. Biocarved can be found here.


The RAT ZONE lies above the Playground bridge. A tunnel is held above the road, with a purple sphere resting upon some string. To the sides there are also pieces of cheese held up by string. The left one is interactable and has its own physics (which sometimes spasms out), being able to hit the player at tremendous speeds-- enough to be launch the player higher than the Crossroads tower. On the left side of the RAT ZONE, inside the top left window which faces the Crossroads tower is the Rat Room. This is an Easter egg, present with the first release of Crossroads. Several JPGs of rats and cheese are inside with a large disco ball. There is also a JPG of a cat with an X on it. Text beside this image reads 'NO CATS ALLOWED!!!!!", and text on the wall adjacent reads "RAT PARTY DELUXE!!!!" Floatie Biograft can be found on the roof.

Playground to Thieves' Den

Unnamed grey building

A building with a grey color scheme, closest to the Playground bridge. Two floors exist in this building. Witchlaser can be found on the second floor and Beta Biograft can be found on the roof of the building.


A car dealership. Three cars are present within the building, 2 of them being flipped over to their sides or completely flipped over and the last one having crashed through the window. Pirate Medkit can be found here on the first floor, and Kramptana can be found on the roof.

Slingshot's Cat Cafe

Owned by Slingshot, the building follows a primarily blue color scheme. Inside there is a front desk with images of food above on a menu and a storage room. An image of a Phighting developer's roblox avatar is smirking on the back wall of the storage room. Catshot is found behind the counter, and Cocoagraft is inside the storage room.


An establishment which primarily sells boomboxes. Outside, Cooler Boombox can be found on a stage and Astrobox can be found on the roof.

Thieves' Den to Lost Temple

Unnamed buildings

There are three unnamed buildings near this bridge. There is a light blue one which is connected to BOGIO, a neon blue one closest to the Lost Temple Bridge, and a yellow bricked building which has a giant TV screen connected to it. Cutiespace and Hoverboard can be found on the balcony of the light blue building and the neon blue building respectively. Shurifin can be found overlooking the water behind a nondescript gray building closer to the Thieves' Den bridge.


BOGIO is a store that sells skateboards. On the left wall, an image of BOGIO Skatepark is featured. The map is most likely owned by the BOGIO brand. On the right is a wall of skateboards with varying designs. A poster of 3 testers playing as Skateboard is inside the establishment with the text "10/10 verified purchase" written to the side.

Lost Temple to Blackrock

Large Green Bricked Tenement

This building has ten apartments with a murder scene in room number 5. To the right there is a small lounge area and a bridge that leads over to the top floor of RANGED ROYALE. Marshmallow Sword is found on the third floor of the connecting area between rooms Eggsquerade Boombox can be found on the small lounge of the third floor.


This establishment has two floors. The first floor is a main dining area. Each table is filled with JPGs of RIBS. There is also a front counter with a menu of Burgers Ribs (most likely) water. The text "Eat - Drink - Savory" goes across the menu, alongside the text "RIBS RIBS RIBS" on the right side. Buster Rocket can be found here below the menu. The second floor is connected to the Large Green Bricked Tenement and features extremely large RIBS on top of a table. Medcarrot can be found in an alley behind the building as well as a Brokercoin resting on top of some boxes.


A small location which, of course, contains several books inside. It is illuminated by two chandeliers held up from the ceiling. There is a ramp leading up to a higher floor of bookshelves where 7KM0 can be found. To the side, a 'lobby' like area can be found.

Hexagon apartment

This place has two skins: Cozyshot and Rainbox. From the front entrance, two floors can be seen. The first one has a couch and a TV displaying an orange circle pattern. On the floor above, Cozyshot is standing near two bean bag chairs. A hallway on the side connects it to the next room, which has hexagonal windows and a bean bag with a laptop and books placed on top of it. There is a ramp leading to the next floor, where Rainbox will stand. Behind the apartment there is the basketball hoop featured in the GIF which revealed The Broker.

Da Shop

Da Shop is an establishment owned by Zuka. There are several skins being held up on display inside. Hoverboard, Sci-fi Sword, Medcarrot, PJ Rocket, Catshot, an an unused Rocket skin can be seen. Frankenhammer can be found next to these skins. The store also contains many of the weapons and gear used by the Phighters, such as the exploding swords used by Sword, Boombox’s boomboxes, Skateboard’s helmets, Medkit’s healing equipment, Hyperlaser’s guns, Slingshot’s slingshots, and Rocket’s rocket launchers. In the room with Rocket’s rocket launchers, there is Zuka's weapon he used when he was younger and a picture frame of him and rocket. There are also Mic-U posters on the walls.

Other Points of Interest

  • In the middle of Crossroads is a giant tower - commonly referred to as the Crossroads Tower - which is climbable to a certain extent. Two arrow like structures spiral around it. At the top, Valk and Dom can be found. Seraphlaser can be found standing on a lower beam of the tower. Inside of the tower four TVs are attached to it that slowly change colors. During a Phestival, these colors switch between the two competing team colors. Follower Sword can be found behind one of these TVs near an orange van.
  • Darkheart can be found under the Blackrock bridge. If the player has lingering Phestival items (like Eggs, Suns, or Moons), talking to him will allow the player exchange them for 50 bux per item. During the Ice Cream vs Popsicle Phestival, he also temporarily was able to reset the player's team choice due to a bug that caused people to be assigned to the wrong teams.
  • There are four bridges that connect to each of the factions spread out in a + shape, each of them looking exactly the same. Snowboard can be found on the bridge to Playground at a bus stop. Moaitana can be found on the bridge to Thieves' Den, on top of the last lamp post. Siakit can be found under the bridge to Lost Temple, on the fourth pier.
  • The Broker can be found in a room connecting to the wall beneath the Lost Temple tunnel. The room is filled with small box TVs and a strange logo present all throughout the room. The Broker sits on a stack of said TVs.



Playtest 4

Bat vs. Rat Phestival


  • Crossroads and its associated locations are inspired by the game of the same name.
  • Thieves' Den being 13.37 miles may be a reference to what the number represents and supposedly spells out, being "leet"
  • The track that plays in Crossroads is Running the Bassline.
  • Talking to Rainbox can activate and deactivate a rain effect.
  • Around Crossroads, there are what seem to be chalk outlines of dead bodies. There is one beside a pillar of the tower near the middle (Between the Playground and Thieves’ Den bridges), one in an easter egg room in The Rat Zone, and one behind Ranged Royale. These have no currently known purpose or function.
    • There used to be one more of these bodies in an open apartment with a full murder scene, but it was cleaned up and removed during the Possessed vs. Bitten Phestival when The Broker could be found in the room instead.

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