Phrenzies are a weeklong event where players are able to play special game-modes for a limited time. Rewards are given to players based on their performance. Phrenzies will each be represented by a character, who can be talked to instead of Zuka during the events to participate. Phrenzy matches are separate from standard PHIGHT! matches. During Phrenzies, a heavy thunderstorm comes over Crossroads, and the PHIGHT! Lobby is also overcast and rainy. All songs are pitched randomly.


As of Phrenzy 1, point scoring goes as follows:

  • Annihilate: determined by your position on the leaderboard, So, at tenth, you get 1 point, and at 1st, (MVP) you get 10 points
  • Conquer: determined by how much time you spent on the point. Your score on the leaderboard also slightly increases your score.

Players in the top 50% of point scores will receive a title, players in the top 25% will receive another title, players in the top 5% will receive a skin, and players in the top 1% will also receive a title. This is calculated by taking the total amount of players who played, then getting the 1%, 5%, 25% and 50% and the score at the values.

List of Phrenzies

Phrenzy 1 - Mix-Up Madness

The first Phrenzy occured from August 19th to August 27th and featured Mix-Up Madness. It was represented by Darkheart, who appeared on top of Zuka’s truck. In Phrenzy matches, Darkheart occasionally triggered random effects on players, similar to his Sword event, although much less frequently. Each time one of these effects triggered, the pitch of the song would change.

Results: The top 1% of players (2097 points and above) received the Aphelion title, the top 5% of players (692 points and above) received the Stargazer Rocket skin, the top 25% of players (64 points and above) received the Pandemonius title, and the top 50% of players (15 points and above) received the Darkheart Follower title.


  • Mix-Up Madness
    • Mix-Up Madness is a 5v5 mode with all Phighters randomized.
    • Players will be given a new random Phighter each time they die.
      • This does not apply if a player dies to environmental hazards without being damaged by an opponent, as to prevent rerolling until one gets their Phighter of choice.
    • Duplicate Phighters on the same team are allowed with no limits.
    • Map vote was removed and the game would automatically select a map at random.
  • Decoy Deploy
    • TBA
  • Zombie Rush
    • TBA