Sun vs. Moon


Sun vs. Moon is a Phestival that occurred during V0.3.0. The Phestival was announced on 31 August 2022 and took place from September 2 to September 6.


Sun vs. Moon is a Phestival created in reponse to the positive reception and growth of the game during Vanilla vs. Chocolate. Valk represented Team Sun (bright yellow), and Dom represented Team Moon (dark blue). During the Phestival, killed players dropped collectible Sun Essence or Moon Essence at their death location. The drop depends on the Phighter the player is currently using:

Sun Essence, Moon Essence, and Bux were used to purchase newly released skins at a discounted Bux price for a limited time. The following skins were purchasable for the following Essence and Bux price:

During the Phestival, the following were added:


Statistics highlighted in bold represent the team that won the category.

This Phestival's total score is calculated with (popularity + (winrate * 4)) / 5.

  • For this Phestival, points were used rather than percentages.

Day 1

These results were released on 3 September 2022 12:18 AM.

Category Sun Moon
Popularity 2554 7446
Winrate 7317 7422
Total 6364 7426
Current lead Moon

Day 2

These results were released on 4 September 2022 12:12 AM.

Category Sun Moon
Popularity 2825 7175
Winrate 7413 7519
Total 6495 7450
Current lead Moon

Day 3

These results were released on 5 September 2022 7:24 PM.

Category Sun Moon
Popularity 2739 7261
Winrate 8238 8285
Total 7138 8080
Current lead Moon


These results were released on 6 September 2022 12:07 AM.

Category Sun Moon
Popularity 2775 7225
Winrate 8353 8389
Total 7237 8156
Winner Moon





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