Dove vs. Crow


Dove vs. Crow is a Phestival that occured during V0.8.0. The Phestival was announced on 18 February 2024 and took place from February 24 to March 3.


Dove vs. Crow is a Phestival themed around Valentine's Day. Valk represented Team Dove (rose gold), and Dom represented Team Crow (indigo). New to this Phestival is the removal of the popularity category, replaced with a new random secret category that is different for every Phestival and is only revealed once the results are announced. For Dove vs. Crow, this category was average healing.

During the Phestival, a heart would hover over every player at the end of matches in the PHIGHT! Lobby. Using primary would throw the heart, "endorsing" any players hit by it in an area. Endorsing players grants 5 Endorsements, and being endorsed by a player grants 5 Endorsements. These Endorsements were used to purchase newly released skins at a discounted Bux price for a limited time. Purchasing a skin using Endorsements did not consume them. The following skins were purchasable for the following Endorsements and Bux price:

During the Phestival, the following were added:


Statistics highlighted in bold represent the team that won the category.


These results were released on 1 March 2024 2:22 AM.

Category Dove Crow
Winrate (Open) 50.15% 50.49%
Winrate (Pro) 52.10% 50.29%
K/D ratio (Open) 1.789 1.886
K/D ratio (Pro) 1.779 1.856
Secret category ??? ???
Current lead Crow


These results were released on 4 March 2024 2:40 AM.

Category Dove Crow
Winrate (Open) 50.02% 50.51%
Winrate (Pro) 52.28% 50.49%
K/D ratio (Open) 1.787 1.881
K/D ratio (Pro) 1.839 1.841
Average healing (Secret category) 60.65 48.17
Winner Crow


Team Dove


Valk "Hey there!"
"Looks like it's time for another Phestival!"
"In my opinion, I think doves are really pretty and just represent love so beautifully!"
"What do you think? Wanna join my side?"
Yes No


Valk "Hmm... okay."
"Keep thinking about it!"


Valk "Are you sure? You can't switch to the other team after you join mine."
Yes No


Valk "Let's win this!"


Valk "Keep thinking about it!"

Team Crow


Dom "Hello, Phighter."
"A new Phestival has begun, will you be joining my side this time?"
"I prefer crows over doves, they are much more smarter than those birds that just sit and look pretty."
"What do you think? Wanna join my side?"
Yes No


Dom "I see."
"Think about it, I know you will make the right choice."


Dom "Are you sure? You cannot change your mind later."
Yes No


Dom "Let's win this Phestival, Phighter."


Dom "Think about it, I know you will make the right choice."


Before team selection:


Zuka "Hey kid, you're gonna have to pick a Phestival team before I can let you in here."

After team selection:


Valk "Good luck on the Phestival!"


Dom "Good luck on the Phestival, Phighter."


Valk and Dom

"Hey! The Phestival's finally done, great job out there!"
"It's time to get to the results."



  • Cocoagraft, Shuri-lóng, and Yulaser were the winning submissions of the 2023 Festive Skin Contest in the boggio community Discord. They were created by infernalroses, KHEVIZY, and wokensign respectively.
  • Team Dove lost by only a 0.002 difference in the Pro K/D ratio category.


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