ROBLOX Laundromat

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ROBLOX Laundromat is a map in PHIGHTING!.


Set in a large indoor laundromat, ROBLOX Laundromat is a symmetrical map with a 2 layer design similar to The Iron Cafe. However, this map holds no bottomless pits and instead offers more of the ground layer to be traversed with its inherently large floor space that curves further downwards near the center. The middle of the laundromat features a pillar with the letters "TEX" at the top, as well as two bounce pads next to it. Reaching the upper layer of the laundromat is relatively easy for any Phighter due to the multiple bounce pads and staircases throughout the map. In each team's spawn, there is a bounce pad each that quickly transports Phighters to the main platform. Sniping spots can be taken on the edges of the map due to their inherent elevated positions.

Gameplay features

At One Minute Left, the map will flood after 5 seconds accompanied with a message saying "THE LAUNDROMAT IS FLOODING!", resulting in Phighters being forced to higher ground. Contact with the water will result in the player taking 20 damage for every second that they are in it, which can result in a rapid death if they cannot get out quickly. In addition, the doors connecting the base level of the map to spawn will close, which lessens the amount of routes the player will be able to take. Additionally, the platform with the TEX pillar in the center will be raised as well.




  • This map is based on the 2009 game, Roblox Laundromat by Tokaisho.
  • The upper level of the central platform contains treadmills.
  • Throughout the map, there are several washing machines with either a blue or orange colored top as seen in the rest of the map.
    • A few washing machines can be seen with their doors open.
  • There are two posters that can be seen around the laundromat.
    • One says "HELP US STOP WATER WASTE" and below "REPORT ANY WATER LEAKS YOU MAY FIND". This poster also features a logo of a water drop with two circling arrows.
    • The other one says "CROSSROADS' BIGGEST LAUNDROMAT" with the word laundromat being curved over the text "IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION NOW!". At the top, the logo of the ROBLOX Laundromat is shown.
  • Coverings with the ROBLOX Laundromat logo and text saying "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" can be seen around infrastructure near the middle upper platform, as well as covering one of the windows in one team's spawn.

Version history

28 May 2023

  • Increased map theme volume.

25 May 2023

V0.5.0 - 8 April 2023


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