Boomball is a map in PHIGHTING!. Boomball is exclusive to private servers and is only playable using the command: /force boomball.


Boomball was added as a special map for the Ice Cream vs. Popsicle Phestival. Boomball is the only map where the special Boomball mode can be played. During the Phestival, it was in standard map rotation and had an additional 10% chance of replacing the middle map in voting if it wasn’t rolled normally. This feature was removed from the map rotation during the final day of the Phestival. The map was removed from rotation altogether after the Phestival but was still accessible through private servers.

Boomball was temporarily brought back into standard map rotation during the Possessed vs. Bitten Phestival.

Gameplay features

All players are forced to play as Boombox. The objective is to use abilities to hit the ball into the opponent’s goal. Hitting the ball will grant Boombox charges.

Boombox has the following changes during Boomball:

  • Charging Blitz's metronome mechanic is removed, allowing Pulse Wave to be boosted without requiring a perfect timing.
  • Pulse Wave has knockback.
  • Boombox has constant 50% haste.
  • Haste and shield from multiple Boomboxes can stack. Shield from multiple Phinishers caps out at 300.
  • When a player respawns, they will respawn with a random Boombox skin they own.

When a ball enters a goal, a wall rises in front of the opposing team's goal and the ball is thrown back to the center, bouncing toward the opposite goal. At One Minute Left, an additional ball spawns in the center of the map.



  • The ball with Boombox's face is named 7Dogs.

Version history

'16 July 2023

  • Boomball was added to the game.


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