Sword Fight On The Heights

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Sword Fight On The Heights or SFOTH is a map in PHIGHTING!.


Sword Fight On The Heights is a symmetrical map featuring two large spawn towers with doorways that lead to several parts of the map. Each doorway can lead to:

  • A small bridge with direct access to the central octagonal platform.
  • The large bridge overlooking the central platform.
  • A side bridge providing a possible flank route.

The central platform can be accessed by two ramps on opposite sides. The large bridge on either side of the map can be accessed via a large ramp leading up to a cliffside with a tree or via a set of trees. The bridge provides an excellent spot for long-range Phighters as well as a good vantage point.

Gameplay features

The map spawns are sky towers with doorframes which, when entered, teleport the player to a corresponding door in the main map. The doors are one-way and cannot be used to travel back to spawn. There are 6 pairs of doorframes, 3 for each team, or 12 doors in total.

The map features trampolines, which will throw the players upwards on contact. Once used, the player cannot use the trampoline for 3 seconds.




Playtest 4

Playtest 1


Version history

20 April 2023

  • Can now be played on the Conquer gamemode.

22 January 2023

8 January 2023

16 December 2022

Playtest 4 - 28 October 2022

  • The remake of Sword Fight On The Heights was added to the game.

7 October 2022

  • The remake of Sword Fight On The Heights by Roxie and Narwhill was revealed to the public.

31 August 2022

  • Removed.

Playtest 1 - February 19 2022

  • Sword Fight On The Heights was added to the game.


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