Hotel Elephant


Hotel Elephant is a map in PHIGHTING!.


Hotel Elephant is set in a hotel of the same name, on a sunny day. On both starting points, the map begins indoors, with two diverging paths — one leading outside to a conveyor belt and a staircase, allowing for the player to get into the main central area. The other leads to a broken window, which is particularly useful to ranged classes. The main area itself is small, but can offer much. A conveyor running through the middle leads directly to a chute with kill bricks at the bottom. Next to the chute, there is an ocean, which presents a large hazard to Phighters as falling into it will result in immediate death. On both sides of the map, there are rooms which can be used for cover. Throughout the map, there are dips in the ground which can be used for cover. Following the roads in the map will lead to an alleyway which can be used to circle back to the spawn point.

Gameplay features

Conveyors are a major part in the map, as this will cause any player to be pushed in the direction that the conveyor places. As the round goes on, cars will pass through on the roads, which will push the player in whichever direction the car is going. The cars will block attacks, providing time for one to flee if needed. In addition, there will be luggage crossing the view of the broken windows on each spot in the map. This will both briefly block a route to get to the center of the map as well as disrupt the view any Phighter stationed there, most notably Ranged Phighters.


Both teams spawn on the second floor of a two story hotel. The four exits to spawn consist of walking down the staircase, walking out of the archway for the conveyor belt adjacent to the staircase, heading out of the windows to the right of the conveyor belt, or taking the side door out onto the platform behind the sign. The main area of the map is large but dotted with various obstacles; such as conveyor belt lines, vehicles that drive through the roads and park on them, empty sewer ditches with bridges atop them, as well as some scattered pieces of construction equipment.

Behind the dilapidated "Hotel Elephant" signs of both spawn, there is a transparent grated screen that obscures the side exit from the main area of the map. The player can get atop the platform via the ladder behind it as opposed to using the spawn door. The conveyor belt across the middle of the map leads to a chute that will kill the player if they drop into it. There is a ledge on one side of the map that the player can fall off of to the void, while the opposite side is a wall of glowing windows. At either horizontal end of the map there are small rooms with glass windows facing the map and grated screens facing the entryways.



  • This map is based on the 2010 game, Hotel Elephant by pauljkl.
  • Hotel Elephant is the only map that cannot have a Sword event.

Version history

22 January 2023


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