Domino Valley


Domino Valley is a map in PHIGHTING!.


Domino Valley is comprised of two main parts: the lower floor where the river can be found, and the two elevated areas upon with a ramp leading up to one to the right. The ramp leads up to one of the two main castles, which can be entered when going up the stairs. The other elevated area is the same but for the other team, alongside having different domino colors for each castle. The lower floor of the map is set in a winding valley where players can utilize entrances at the bottom of the castles to get up to higher ground.

Gameplay features

At One Minute Left, the large dominoes on the side of the buildings drop down to create a bridge that players can stand on and cross.


Domino Valley takes place in a valley overlooked by two large buildings with giant dominos replacing the wall facing the inside of the map. Leading to each building is a staircase situated in clearing atop a cliff overlooking the central area. Underneath the two towers is a ramp that leads to a small fenced outlook. Down the middle of the valley passes a shallow, winding river; several trees can be found along the river bank as well as smaller dominoes lodged into the ground. Two Domino Crown wearing statues overlook the map.


18 June 2023



Version history

18 June 2023

  • Reworked.

8 January 2023


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