Land of the Silent Sun


Land of the Silent Sun is an unused map in PHIGHTING!. Land of the Silent Sun is exclusive to private servers and is only playable using the command: /force land of the silent sun.


Land of the Silent Sun is a large complex map surrounded by mountains and 2 waterfalls. Sporting 2 connected pagoda towers on an island surrounded by a large lake, teams will spawn in caves opposite of each other, and have to move to elevated ground. Players have the option to parkour on rocks to traverse to the main island, or stay on the edge of the lake filled with buildings and cover. Because of the abundant obstacles and large map, it is beneficial for ranged classes. Classes with mobility can also access the multiple roofs of the pagoda and offer a vantage point, further benefiting ranged classes.

The lake surrounding the pagoda towers does not kill players instantly unlike all other instances of water. Instead, the player will take 5 damage every 0.5s. The lakes are filled via 2 waterfalls on opposite sides of the map, going under 2 bridges in the process. The waterfall itself does not deal damage, and players can parkour underneath the falls via rocks.

There are caves with 2 entrances and an exposed side on parts of the map, offering a closed off area, and an option to recover from falling into the lake. Classes with low mobility or have no other option can climb stairs to return to the elevated ground.

Gameplay features

Players in the water take 5 damage every 0.5 seconds.

There is an invisible ceiling preventing access of the tallest roof.


Land of the Silent Sun takes place in a Japan-like aesthetic surrounded by mountains and caves. The map is features snow-covered terrain, with the 2 defining characteristics being the giant waterfalls and towers. The waterfalls cascade into a lake at a lower elevation, featuring rocks sticking out of the water. Over the lake serves 2 bridges on each side of the map, matching the style of the other surrounding buildings. This map also features different trees and rock formations to act as cover.



Version history

18 June 2023

  • Land of the Silent Sun was added to the game. It is only available to play using the /force command in private servers.


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