Chaos Canyon


Chaos Canyon is a map in PHIGHTING!.


Chaos Canyon is set in a wild west theme. Each team spawns in a small room on opposite ends of the map, with a main path forward and a second smaller path on its left. The two spawns are within line of sight of each other, allowing players to engage the enemy immediately after spawning. The map itself is characterized by two distinct levels of elevation: a lower area with tunnels and walls providing cover, and an upper area atop the walls which offers vantage points and an escape route from melee Phighters. The only natural paths to the upper area are the exits from spawn and ramps on opposite sides of the map. The map is seperated in the middle by a wooden railroad bridge with a small stream of water underneath it. An overpass is positioned on one side of the map above the railroad, acting as a vantage point and an escape or flank route.

Gameplay features

At intervals signaled by a whistle, a train passes through the middle railroad bridge, instantly killing any player it runs over. Meanwhile, the stream below the bridge gradually nudges players in the direction of its flow.


Chaos Canyon takes place in a classic western desert landscape, consisting of orange sandy rocks that make up the entirety of the terrain as well as the towering cliffs that surround it. Cutting through the middle of the canyon is a wooden railroad bridge, accompanied by a vintage steam train, linking two tunnels on opposite ends. A gentle water stream flows beneath the bridge. Wooden 'Chaos Canyon' signs are placed in each spawn and on the bridge's supports. Wooden planks are strewn about the terrain, serving as walls, pathways, or decorative elements. Meanwhile, various gravestones dot the upper area on opposite sides.



  • This map is based on the 2007 game, Classic: Chaos Canyon by Roblox.
  • A special version of Chaos Canyon was used as the setting in Scythe's reveal trailer. The map was used for cinematic purposes only and did not replace the current Chaos Canyon.
    • This version of the map is playable using the /force command in private servers, under the name "scythetrailer".

Version history

11 May 2023

V0.5.0 - 25 April 2023

  • Chaos Canyon was added to the game.


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