Darkage Cliffs


Darkage Cliffs is a map in PHIGHTING!.


Darkage Cliffs is a symmetrical hybrid map featuring a central area bordered by buildings on three sides, with the fourth side opening to a cliff's edge. Each team spawns on the second floor of opposing buildings. From there, players can exit through the front balcony, a bridge to a side building, or down the stairs to two other doors. These exits are within line of sight of each other, allowing for early engagements with the enemy team. The Conquer zone surrounds a large cherry tree at the center, flanked by buildings accessible via the bridge from spawn, wooden ramps on its side, or a lower-floor trampoline. These buildings provide vantage points and alternate routes for escapes or flanks.

Gameplay features

At One Minute Left, fire erupts from scattered vents across the map, dealing 20 damage every 0.25 seconds, potentially leading to quick death or significant damage. The fire bursts from the vents during the map's opening sequence.


Darkage Cliffs is set in an eastern-inspired cliffside dōjō. Its central courtyard, surrounded by buildings in a U-shape, opens to a cliff edge overlooking a vast, fog-covered abyss. Distant mountain peaks and other eastern-inspired structures can be seen in the background. A large Torii gate divides the courtyard, flanked by two smaller gates. One half features a statue in a small pool, encircled by pine trees, while the other holds a large cherry tree in a similar pool at the center. Dim, golden light emanates from all windows, with white banners featuring the Thieves' Den insignia decorating the structures throughout.


28 February 2024



Version history

20 April 2023

  • Darkage Cliffs was added to the game.

16 April 2023

  • Darkage Cliffs was revealed to the public.


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