Protect Telamon

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Protect Telamon is a map in PHIGHTING!.


Set in a medieval village during nighttime, Protect Telemon is a conquer map that has 2 paths from both teams' spawns leading to the control point. The paths are split with buildings that can be traversed through to get to avoid enemies or switch positions. Buildings also are along the edges of the map near the conquer point making them great ambush tools due to the cover the buildings provide. The conquer itself point lacks cover itself making it very open and leaving players exposed to ranged attacks.


Protect Telamon has two weather variations; clear or rainy. Rainy weather makes the map much darker, the sky occasionally flickering with lightning accompanied with rain falling. Both teams will spawn at opposite ends of the map on a brown path. The spawn area is surrounded by buildings, save for where the path forks into two just a few steps from the spawn. Both paths are lined with buildings and sparsely decorated with crates and lanterns. Lanterns rest on crates or are suspended from black ropes tied to buildings.

The end of the paths lead to the main area, which is of lower elevation than the platforms of the spawn areas. In the middle of the map is a large patch of grass, and centered on it is a smaller concrete platform with small stairs. The point is on the smaller concrete platform. The center area is lined with buildings of various heights and random crates and lanterns scattered throughout, much like spawn.



Version history

28 May 2023

  • Map theme changed from "Monastery in Disguise" - soundTeMP to "SIX FEET UNDER" by Key After Key.

8 January 2023

Playtest 1 - 19 February 2022

  • Protect Telamon was added to the game.


  1. 7GB0_ on Twitter, 9 May 2024 ( [1] | Image ) - "i dont think the wiki even has this lol, in the versions when the fog was really shit and u could barely see anything the fog actually got even denser during the last minute, it was removed when the fog got nerfed lol"

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