The Voice Line Update

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The Voice Line Update[1] is a version of FIGHTING! that was released on 1 April 2023, 12:10 AM EST. This version of the game is an April Fools' joke.


The following maps were added in this version:


General additions and changes

  • PHIGHTING! was rebranded to FIGHTING! until V0.5.0.
  • Each Phighter was visually reworked to look like the Civilian.
  • Each Phighter has received a voice actor. These voicelines play when the player uses their Phinisher.
  • The voiceline that plays at the final minute of "STYLISH STICKUP" was adjusted.
  • The song that plays in Train Demolition was changed to be an altered version of "RUSH HOUR".
  • The "Jerome House" under the PHIGHT! Lobby was removed.
  • Zuka now says "You're adopted." when the player interacts with him to join a lobby.

Phighter balance changes

mr robot:

  • Renamed from Biograft to mr robot.
  • Dialogue reworked.
  • Overdrive
    • Now plays a voiceline provided by T-Dot.


  • Renamed from Boombox to oooxxx_musiclovr_xxxooo.
  • Dialogue reworked.
  • Raining Tacos
    • Now plays a voiceline provided by aidn.


  • Renamed from Hyperlaser to hi.
  • Dialogue reworked.
  • Eviscerating Ray
    • Now plays a voiceline provided by aidn.


  • Renamed from Katana to kaitlyn.
  • Dialogue reworked.
  • Soul Splicer
    • Now plays a voiceline provided by Soda.

leon kennedy:

  • Renamed from Medkit to leon kennedy.
  • Dialogue reworked.
  • Divine Resurrection
    • Now plays a voiceline provided by Mercy from famous game Overwatch 2.


  • Renamed from Rocket to rochesca.
  • Dialogue reworked.
  • Grand Cannonade
    • Now plays a voiceline provided by pix.

santiago the third:

  • Renamed from Skateboard to santiago the third.
  • Dialogue reworked.
    • Now plays a voiceline provided by Solid.


  • Renamed from Slingshot to steven.
  • Dialogue reworked.
  • Leg Day
    • Now plays a voiceline provided by mcxnoah.


  • Renamed from Sword to steve.
  • Dialogue reworked.
  • All-Mighty Axle Arc
    • Now plays a voiceline provided by Ike from famous game Fire Emblem.

subway italian bmt:

  • Renamed from Subspace to subway italian bmt.
  • Dialogue reworked.
  • Noxious Void
    • BUG FIX: No longer pulls players indefinitely if the user disconnects during the Phinisher's effects.
    • Now plays a voiceline provided by Kacti.

Bug fixes



  1. Confirmed by pix on the boggio community Discord

Version History
2022 Playtest 1 Playtest 2 V0.3.0 Playtest 4
2023 V0.4.5 The Voice Line Update V0.5.0 V0.6.0 V0.7.0
2024 V0.8.0 PHIGHTING! 4