Map Elements


Certain maps in PHIGHTING! have unique elements that can be used strategically to the players benefit or to create chaos by disorienting them. Other elements are used for design purposes. Some elements are unique to that specific map, while others are shared or utilized across many maps.


Conveyors are a map element seen on Hotel Elephant, The Bread Factory and Rocket Arena. Each of these conveyors are similar to one another as they will push the player in a certain direction. However, Rocket Arena's conveyors will activate during certain periods of time indicated by a change in music. At One Minute Left, the conveyors will remain permanently active for the rest of the round, switching directions at 0:XX.

Damaging hazards

Damaging hazards are general hazards that deal damage to the player if touched. These can be seen on Darkage Cliffs and ROBLOX Laundromat. Fire on Darkage Cliffs will deal 20 damage to the player for every X second that they are in it. On Roblox Laundromat, water will deal 20 damage to the player for every second that they are in contact with it. Both of these damaging hazards will activate at One Minute Left.

Damaging hazards will still deal damage to the players revived inside them either by Medkit's Divine Resurrection or Ghostwalker's sword event.


Geysers are a map element exclusive to Nuke The Whales. The geysers will constantly be on throughout the map, and will launch the player upwards. Similarly to trampolines, if the player keeps using the geyser, the height the player is launched will decay. The decay will be reset after a period of time.

  • While being launched by a Geyser, using a mobility ability will override its effects.

Grated Walls

Grated Walls are a map element used in The Iron Cafe, Train Demolition, the summer variant of DODGEBALL!, Rob The ROBLOX Bank and ROBLOX HQ. Grated Walls function similarly to regular walls, a player cannot pass through them. However, they can be seen through from both sides and projectile abilities from certain Phighters can pass through these walls.


While not a map element, Gravity is a modifier exclusive to Fractured Space. All players have their gravity lowered in this map, increasing their jump height and slowing down their fall speed. In addition, abilities that affect a player's vertical position are subject to the map's gravity modifier.


Killbricks are a common element used for maps in PHIGHTING! Killbricks serve as a method to kill players who go out of bounds, or make contact with a hazardous obstacle. While all maps utilize killbricks, not all can be accessed without utilizing bugs to access unintended sections of the map. Killbricks have several interactions:

  • On contact, the player takes 999 damage. This damage bypasses shields and forcefields.
  • If the player takes damage from a player before contacting the killbrick, it will count as a kill.
    • It will register 1 point for the opposite team in Annihilate, given that the score cap has not been reached.
  • Certain killbrick variants, such as the plane in Doomspire knock away the player's ragdoll for comical effect.

As all maps use killbricks, the following list indicates maps where killbricks are used as a hazardous obstacle:

If a players dead body falls into a killbrick, the instant kill sound and the damage number indicator will appear again.


Spawns are a common element which indicates the starting and respawn points for each team's players on the map. Spawns have several interactions:

  • If the player currently has full Health, they can access the Phighter select screen by pressing the X key while standing on their team's spawn.
  • Changing Phighters or respawning restores all health and shield to the player and grants them a forcefield for 5 seconds.
  • The player will spawn in any location on the spawnpoint itself.


Teleporters are a map element exclusive to Doomspire. Under each of the four towers in Doomspire is a one-way teleporter that sends the player back to the top of that respective tower if they make contact with it. There is no cooldown between uses.


Trampolines are a map element used in Fractured Space, ROBLOX Museum, Sword Fight On The Heights, ROBLOX Laundromat and Darkage Cliffs. Trampolines will launch the player upwards vertically. Overtime, if the player continues to use the trampolines, they will be unable to bounce for 3 seconds.