Fractured Space


Fractured Space is a map in PHIGHTING!. Fractured Space is exclusive to private servers and is only playable using the command: /force fractured space.


Fractured Space takes place in a chaotic scene set floating in the middle of a void. Each team has 2 spawn locations on the 4 outer islands and must cross a 4-way intersection made up of scattered checkerboard pieces leading directly to a central cathedral which contains the Conquer zone. Various structures such as trees, houses, and buildings are scattered around the outside, allowing for unique flank and escape routes. The cathedral itself is completely open, with the only room for cover being the large windows on the walls that surround it.

Fractured Space was added as a special map for the Fried vs. Scrambled Phestival. During the Phestival, winning on Fractured Space would grant 5x points to your Phestival team. It had a 25% chance of appearing in rotation. The map was temporarily brought back for the Rave vs. Relax and Possessed vs. Bitten Phestivals, with no extra point bonuses or rotation chance.

Gameplay features

Fractured Space’s primary unique feature is low gravity, allowing for higher jumps, longer air time, and better platforming. At One Minute Left, the four rings of fire surrounding the cathedral move to the center and start to spin faster, with the two lower rings forming solid ground to stand on which is level with the cathedral. Additionally. the floating checkerboard platforms around the center reform into flat bridges for ease of access.


Fractured Space is set in a scene of floating structures in the middle of a void, with various references to ROBLOX's past scattered around a large central cathedral. Structures such as the original Happy Home in Robloxia and the ROBLOX HQ buildings can be found here. Scattered checkerboard pieces make up the path from the spawns to the cathedral, these pieces connect and reform into flat bridges at One Minute Left. The cathedral itself sits atop a pillar with two large rings of fire surrounding the pillar, and another larger two surrounding the cathedral's roof. A giant model of the solar system sits above the entire map, with the sun and planets shaped into eggs. The interior of the cathedral is completely empty. Its floor is divided into the two team colors of the Possessed vs. Bitten Phestival.




Playtest 2


  • This map is based on the Fractured Space map from the 2018 event, Egg Hunt: The Great Yolktales by Fifteam, an endgame obby that grants the Fifteam Egg. This makes it the most recent game to inspire a PHIGHTING! map.
  • There is a diagram of the solar system present in Fractured Space in ROBLOX Museum, which seems to be a planetarium type area.

Version history

18 April 2022

  • Fractured Space was added to the game.
  • As part of the 2nd Phestival, winning in this map granted a 5x bonus to points for your Phestival team. The map had a 1/4 chance of appearing as an option in map voting.

15 April 2022

  • Fractured Space was revealed to the public.


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