Traffic is an NPC in PHIGHTING!. He opens the player's Title menu in Crossroads and in the PHIGHT! Lobby.



Traffic likes to travel. He's traveled to every region a few times through hitchhiking and stays for around a week.[2]

Traffic had a gear, however it was stolen from him and it is unknown what his gear was.[3]



Lightblox and Traffic are friends,[4] and his lantern was given by her.[5] She is similar to a little sister to him.[6]


Ghosdeeri and Traffic are close friends. She lets him sleep in her library.[7]

Mx. Bot

Mx. Bot likes to mess with him. He is a "victim" to their schemes, although they do not do any serious harm to him.[8]

Lord Pwnatious "Moneybags" the III

Pwnatious has a one-sided rivalry with Traffic. They heavily dislike him, but he is "too high to figure it out".[9]


  • "Suh dude, lemme open yo equip menu."



  • Traffic is a stoner.[10]


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