ROBLOX Bowling Alley

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ROBLOX Bowling Alley is a map in PHIGHTING!.


ROBLOX Bowling Alley is a symmetrical medium-sized Conquer map set in a bowling alley. The two teams spawn on the same side of the map on opposite corners. Each spawn has two paths that lead into the main area: one upper path through a glass wall and down a ramp and a lower path through a doorway. Around the central elevated platform where the conquer zone is found, the map is fairly open, offering only a few walls and obstacles as cover from ranged attacks. Outside each of the teams' spawn there are six bowling alleys as well as a large yellow barrier blocking the doorway if viewed from the middle of the map.

The central platform of the map is slightly elevated with four staircases on each side. The map is surrounded by a cage similar to the one found in an older version of Space Knights. In the middle of the conquer zone there is a large vehicle which can act as both high ground and cover for players. The map is very vibrant in color and features several community-submitted artworks on the walls.




Version history

V0.7.0 - 1 November 2023

  • Added in the game as a Conquer map.


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