The Broker/Dialogue



Broker You just love to follow me around, don't you!
I admire your dedication to bothering me so I'll give you a little hint.
Zuka is expecting a few renovations, so save up a buck or two.
I could even help you out a bit, if you do what I ask.
But that's for another time! Hehe!


Starting from Day 3 of the Possessed vs. Bitten Phestival, The Broker moved locations within Crossroads with each daily update, and received new dialogue each time.

Day 3 - Rooftop

Broker Oh!
Are we doing this again?
What fun!
I wasn't expecting company but, I wouldn't mind sitting down and chatting a while.
Care to join me?
Oh, the door?
I wouldn't have a clue about that!
Honestly, it seems to have a mind of its own, opening on certain occasions before sealing itself again.
...I'm not sure why.
Maybe it would do you good to stop by every once in a while?
After all, who doesn't love a good mystery?

This dialogue refers to The Broker's secret room underneath the Lost Temple bridge. As of the Day 3 update, the door to the room has been closed, and now emits a red light from the inside.

Day 4 - Alley

Broker Sometimes, it feels like I'm the only one that really exists.
And everything else is fake.
Fake people. Fake places. Fake gods.
Maybe I'm fake?!
Hey, maybe we can be fake together!
Oh, what freedom that would be.

Day 5 - Library

Broker Oh hey! You’re back!
I mean, not like I was keeping track or anything.
But I really appreciate you being here, y’know?
It seems the only people who really want to talk to me these days are the cops!
So I hide in places like these until it’s mostly clear.
...or I crash at Zukes’ place.
He doesn’t like it when I’m there though, haha!
Hey, I think you and I are gonna be real good friends.
What do you think?

Day 6 - Spawn TV

Broker Oh, I love these!
Phestivals are always such a treat to watch.
...Say, I don't suppose you have a little extra free time on your hands, do you?
It seems a colleague of mine has gone missing again.
Maybe it'd be in your best interest to keep an eye out for them if you manage to cross paths.
Saves me a bit of extra trouble!
On second thought, I don't think she'd like you very much.

Day 7 - Apartment

Broker Oh... is it almost over?
Such a shame. I was really enjoying our time together.
But I suppose there's no stopping change, right?
Such is life.
I think I'm gonna miss you when I'm gone.
Our conversations, though brief, gave me something to look forward to every day.
I won't be gone for long though, and if you ever need me, just give me a call!
...Wait... You don't have a phone?!
Oh, that just won't do!
Stop by Zukes' place tomorrow, I'm sure he'll let you borrow his!
He's generous like that, though, a bit of a hardhead. Haha!
Anyways... I'll be looking forward to it.

During Day 7, The Broker can be found in an apartment in Crossroads which previously held a crime scene and chalk outlines on the floor. Upon The Broker moving into this location, the aforementioned crime scene had been cleaned up.


Following the end of the Possessed vs. Bitten Phestival, a red phone can be found on the counter of Zuka's shop. Interacting with this phone results in unique dialogue depending on the currently selected Phighter. The telephone was removed during the Dove vs. Crow Phestival.

Upon interaction

Phone It's a phone, would you like to use it?
Yes No


Phone ...
Broker Hello?
Broker Who is this?

Phighter Interactions

Ban Hammer

Broker Wait, WHAT?!


Broker ...What?
A Biograft?
Is that even possible?
Or maybe you're just messing with me.
Whatever, don't call this number again!


Broker ...Oh!
You're the little DJ, huh?
I know you, but you don't know me.
Say, you're friends with the idols, right?
Do say hi to them for me!
I'm a big fan.


Broker ...Oh?
And what business does a Blackrock mercenary have with me?
Last time I checked, you folks seemed to be capable of doing everything yourselves.
Y'know, with your robots and whatnot!
Don't call this number again.


Broker ...
It's you.
Why are you calling this number?
Filthy traitor.
You're lucky I'm not in Crossroads anymore, otherwise, I'd tear you apart limb from limb.
But maybe a fight is what you want, right?
Don't worry, as soon as I'm done here I'll be back.
So you stay right there.


Broker Oh hey Meds!
Actually, you called at a great time.
The boss seems to be out at the moment, nobody really knows where she went.
My guess is that she's out harvesting again, but I'm sure she'll come back sooner or later!
Anyway, the acolytes say they have another commission for you.
Their gears are waiting for you back at the temple.
...Just don't mess it up this time.
Honestly, you moving into Crossroads has been nothing but an inconvenience for all of us.
I thought we were supposed to protect you, y'know? That's kind of the entire deal?
If I didn't know any better, I would think you're trying to run away from us!
Don't mess this up.


Broker ...Oh!
Hey Rocket!
You're the last person I'd expect to call.
Had a change of heart, perhaps?
Or did Zuka put you up to this?
If he did, tell him I said hello!
Actually, you wouldn't do that even if I asked nicely. Haha!
Enjoy your alone time, for now.


Broker ...Oh!
You're that pesky little ninja I always see on the rooftops, huh?
Say, I like your style, kid.
Quick on your feet, fast to act. You even have that grapple to swing around with.
Is there a chance you might be... Y'know, looking for an opportunity to make some extra cash?
I know a place that pays well, they're looking for people with your particular set of abilities.
Just think about it, alright?


Broker ...Oh!
You're that Playground punk, huh?
I know you, but you don't know me.
Hey, a little birdie told me you're hiding someone special.
Oh, don't worry, your secret is safe with me.


Broker ...Oh!
You're the cafe owner, right?
Oh man, if I could still taste, I'm sure I would love to stop by and have a bite!
I've seen you around, sometimes I watch you cook from the windows.
But don't worry about that!


Broker ...Oh?
This is unexpected.
Now, I have to ask, why is the head of Blackrock's robotics division calling little ole' me?
You must be getting desperate if you're looking for help from other regions, No?
..I see.
No, I don't know anybody by that name. You'll have to look somewhere else.


Broker ...Oh!
You're Med's friend, right?
I remember you, when you were small and weak.
Though, even I have to admit you're still something of a mystery to me, kid.
Who are you really?
Apologies, it seems I have forgotten my manners!
Maybe one of these days he could bring you over here, just for a visit.
Doesn't that sound nice?

Vine Staff

Broker ...Oh?
You're the flower demon, huh?
How quaint.
Say, that's some nasty curse you got there.
Rare, but I've seen it before.
Guess you just got unlucky, Haha!
...But I have a feeling that you've made peace with it.
Sometimes I see you outside, mending the dead flora like some kind of miracle worker.
It's amazing, really.
I have to go now but, you're an interesting one. Do keep in touch, alright?

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