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ROBLOX Arcade is a map in PHIGHTING!.


Gameplay features


ROBLOX Arcade is a bright and colorful map. Players spawn in a small room with two exits; straight ahead and to the left. Heading out of the archway straight ahead will lead directly to the main room, while the left door leads to a small side room. The small side room also leads to the main room, but is directly in front of a staircase. This staircase leads to the higher ground of the map that overlooks the point in the center of the map. Players can also get on top of this high ground by utilizing the trampolines on either end. The center of the map is a large circle of bowling alley carpet with some shapes placed along the edges facing spawns that provide some cover.

This center is slightly elevated compared to the adjacent areas. Where there aren't ramps leading up to the center platform, there are medium-sized grey walls facing either spawn and an elevated walkway that spans the length of the far wall of the map. The walkways overlook the lower areas next to the point, which both contain a small photo booth and various arcade machines and shapes. The map is decorated primarily with arcade machines, colorful shapes, as well as tables and stools. Posters referencing maps decorate the walls, alongside various different patterns. There are other elements that reference other maps present in the game, such as the aforementioned photo booths and various unique arcade machines.



  • This map is based on the 2008 game, Roblox's First REAL Arcade by Kanaju.
  • The posters and graffiti found around the map's walls were drawn by theo_catface and vividyon.

Version history

V0.7.0 - 3 November 2023

  • ROBLOX Arcade was added to public servers.

V0.6.0 - 15 August 2023

  • ROBLOX Arcade was added to the game. It is only playable in private servers.


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