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Roblox HQ is a symmetrical map set at the skyway of two skyscrapers, surrounded by a layer of clouds which obscure the view of the ground below. Notably, the map is comprised of three layers, with stairways throughout the map letting player's switch between layers. The top layer of each building contains an office and spawnpoint, leading to the roof of the skyway. The middle layer contains the long skyway, which is littered with cover points, the buildings contain cubicles and a stairway leading to the top and bottom layer. In the bottom layer, which serves as the main flank route, the buildings are connected by a large metal grid and a few windows in the middle give players cover. The metal grid allows projectiles and hitscan attacks to pass through and is wider than the upper layers, allowing you to catch yourself if you happen to fall off them. Throughout the layers, alternate routes give players many options on where to go: the cloud platforms outside the buildings allow the player to drop down from the top layer to the middle layer, many tilted window on each side, near the entry point, allows for quick access between the middle and upper layer. In addition, both sides of the skyway's center has a staircase giving access to and from the bottom layer. However, the safest way of moving through layers is the staircase within each building.


Roblox HQ takes place in an elevated skyway connecting two tall skyscrapers owned by Roblox, towering above the cloud-covered city beneath them. Almost the entire map is made up of glass. One of the skyscrapers has an R on the side of it, as seen in the intro shot. You can only see through the glass windows of the levels that Phighters can access. The top level in both of the skyscrapers is smaller than the two floors underneath it. The middle of the skyway, is wider than the ends. On the second floor, some of the glass wall panels are tilted, allowing Phighters an easy path to the top floor. The majority of the bottom floor has no walls, with the exception of the insides of the buildings and four window panes in the skyway. There is a void, so falling past the bottom floor will spell your doom.



  • This map is based on the 2008 game, Roblox World Headquarters by builderman.
  • On the top of one of the skyscraper's roof is a dog-like creature with a label containing the text "Shook emoji"

Version history

v0.5.0 - 8 April 2023

  • ROBLOX HQ was added to the game.


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