BOGIO Skatepark

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BOGIO Skatepark is a map in PHIGHTING!.


BOGIO Skatepark is set in an outdoor skatepark under a highway overpass. This map is unique for being non-symmetrical, allowing certain routes to be taken depending which team players are on. Each team spawns in a fenced-in area on opposite sides. Various skating structures and walls are placed around the map, which offer vantage points, cover against ranged attacks, and potential for clever play around terrain. The conquer zone is found in an elevated central area, surrounded by tall walls and accessible via four main stair entrances.


BOGIO Skatepark takes place in a medium-sized outdoor skatepark underneath a highway overpass. The park itself is characterized by an abundance of lamp-posts and skating features, such as half-pipes, hand rails, and bowls. Tall red brick walls decorated with graffiti border many sections of the park, with the graffiti extending to the outer walls. The park is surrounded by towering skyscrapers, suggesting that is located within a large city.


22 April 2023

Playtest 4


Version history

22 April 2023

  • Reworked BOGIO Skatepark was added to the game.

Playtest 4 - 28 October 2022

  • BOGIO Skatepark was readded to the game.

Playtest 2 - Unknown

  • BOGIO Skatepark was added and removed from the game.


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