Nuke The Whales

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Nuke The Whales is a map in PHIGHTING!.


Nuke the Whales is a symmetrical map, being one long linear map with two opposite ends meeting in a raised center platform. Throughout the map, there are structures that can be used to the player’s advantage, such as columns and bunkers which can provide cover and alternate attack routes. To both sides of the middle plateau are two raised platforms that can be reached through both geysers and ramps. One of the two platforms has a tunnel going through it and is slightly taller than the opposite platform, which is shorter and has four beams supporting it rather than sporting a tunnel. As time progresses in the match (see Gameplay Features), the middle will raise. At the final stage of the middle, a tunnel will open up, allowing for the passage from one team’s side of the map to the other’s.

Gameplay features

On either side of the central platform, there are two geysers that act as trampolines onto the central area. Two more geysers can be found on each side of the map on the level geometry (for a total of 4). The geysers, like trampolines, have a force cooldown of 3 seconds. At 2:00 and 1:00 minutes left in the match respectively, the height of the middle platform will increase by one level (up to a total of 3). The current height of the center platform can be identified based on how many different segments of the center platform are visible.


Nuke The Whales is set in an sandy arena-like map with large nets covering the ceiling and two of the longer walls, while the two shorter walls lead to the facades of buildings with glowing windows. Around the spawn areas for each team a sand castle can be found as well as glowing barrels depicting the respective teams' color. Blue side structures with geysers provide access to other parts of the map such as another tower and a whale with a wooden board on its back.



Version history

8 January 2023

29 August 2022

  • NEW EFFECT: Geysers now activate every 6 seconds for 1 second.

v0.3.0 - 26 August 2022

  • Nuke The Whales was added to the game.

15 August 2022

  • Nuke The Whales was revealed to the public.


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