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ROBLOX Museum is a map in PHIGHTING!.


ROBLOX Museum is a double-layer map featuring multiple corridors and various places for skirmishes. There are two symmetrically placed spawn points that are placed on the opposite side of the enemy team. The main point of conflict comes in the middle of the Museum where Phighters generally tend to skirmish due to the lack of open cover. The map has 3 ways to access the upper floor of the map, scaling the stairs near spawn, using the trampoline positioned near the center of the map, or using the stairs placed in an off-center room near the middle of the map. Ranged and melee Phighters are generally even leveled on this map due to the indoor but wide nature of the hallways and corridors.


ROBLOX Museum is set in a museum with several exhibits featuring various artifacts and nostalgic pieces from ROBLOX’s past.


Wall artwork


  • This map is based on the 2010 game, Roblox Museum by Diddleshot.
  • Many of the game's lore characters were teased on this map. At certain points of the match, the displays of each sword would fall over.
  • On August 12th, 2023, this map was temporarily disabled due to issues with its file.


Version history

5 December 2022

18 April 2022

  • ROBLOX Museum was added to the game.
    • ROBLOX Museum had a 33% chance to appear in the map voting screen for the remaining duration of the Fried vs. Scrambled Phestival.

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