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Phestivals are reoccurring in-game events that pit two teams representing a topic preference against each other. In these events, players join a team and contribute to categories of statistics in order to help their team win, ending with the winning team being announced and an exclusive skin being awarded to its members. During Phestivals, major content updates are released, such as a new Phighter, new skins, maps, songs, etc. Phestivals are usually scheduled to take place alongside holidays and last for about 7 days.

Team randomization is not determined on Phestival teams during Phestivals and will remain randomized. Players will individually contribute to the statistics.


The winning team of a Phestival is determined by categories of statistics that players contribute to throughout its duration. Whichever team wins the most categories is the winner of its Phestival. The categories are as follows:

Category Calculated with
Popularity # of players chosen / # of total players
Winrate (Open) # of games won / # of games played (Open servers)
Winrate (Pro) # of games won / # of games played (Pro servers)
K/D ratio (Open) # of team kills / # of team deaths (Open servers)
K/D ratio (Pro) # of team kills / # of team deaths (Pro servers)
Secret category N/A
  • As of Phestival 10, popularity is no longer a category.
  • Because of the way winrate is calculated, the sum of both team's winrates will not equal 100%. However, this is to keep teams randomized during gameplay rather than divide them into the two Phestival teams.

For Phestivals 1-4, the winner was decided using a total score calculated with (popularity + (winrate * 4)) / 5. This meant that a team's popularity only contributed to 1/5 of their score, while winrate contributed to 4/5 of it.

For Phestivals 5 and onward, the K/D ratio category was added and the winner is decided by which team won the most categories instead of a total score.

For Phestivals 8 and onward, Pro servers were introduced that add 2 categories of Pro winrate and Pro K/D ratio.

For Phestivals 10 and onward, the popularity category was removed and replaced with a secret random category that is unique for every Phestival, with it only being revealed once the results are announced. This random category can include stats such as average healing, damage, shutdowns, etc.


For the duration of a Phestival, any XP gained by the player will also contribute to a secondary "Phestival Rank" bar, with each rank requiring 1250 XP. Once the bar is filled, the player will obtain a new Phestival rank. Upon choosing a Phestival team, the player will receive a title that displays their rank for that team (e.g., Relax Fan). The ranks are as follows:

Rank Total XP
Fan0 XP
Member1250 XP
Enjoyer2500 XP
Lover3750 XP
Pawn5000 XP
Player6250 XP
Phighter7500 XP
Pro8750 XP
Ace10000 XP
Expert11250 XP
Knight12500 XP
Paladin13750 XP
Champion15000 XP
Boss16250 XP
Master17500 XP
Ruler18750 XP
Emperor20000 XP
Monarch21250 XP
Idol22500 XP
Divinity23750 XP
Deity25000 XP
God26250 XP
Celestial27500 XP
Immortal28750 XP
30000 XP and onwards awards the + ranks.
  • Upon obtaining a new rank after Immortal, the player's rank will loop back to the start with a plus (+) suffixed to it (e.g., the next rank from Immortal would be Fan+).
    • There is no limit to how many plus a player can obtain.
  • The skin awarded to winners of a Phestival will only be given to members of the winning team with rank of Member or higher.
  • At the end of a Phestival, players will recieve 1000 Bux for each rank obtained and members of the winning team will receive the Phestival Winner title.

Phestival History

Statistics highlighted in bold represent the team that won the category.

Team A Team B A - B Popularity / Secret category A - B Winrate A - B Total / K/D ratio Winner Award Version Colors
Red Blue 57% - 43% 49% - 51% 50.1% - 49.9% Red Sci-fi Sword Playtest 1 Red vs. Blue
Fried Scrambled 50.58% - 49.42% 53.58% - 52.09% 52.75 - 51.556 Fried Hoverboard Playtest 2 Pink vs. Green
Vanilla Chocolate 49.13% - 50.87% 77.58% - 77.33% 71.89 - 72.04 Chocolate Marshmallow Sword V0.3.0 Yellow vs. Brown
Sun Moon 27.75% - 72.25% 83.53% - 83.89% 7237 - 8156 Moon Buster Rocket V0.3.0 Bright yellow vs. Dark blue
Bat Rat 51.82% - 48.18% 50.11% - 51.86% 0.846 - 0.83 Bat Sianachkit Playtest 4 Dark purple vs. Lime green
Rave Relax 30.9% - 69.1% 50.2% - 51.1% 1.07 - 1.02 Relax Seraphlaser V0.4.5 Gold vs. Silver
Violets Roses 49.95% - 50.05% 50.83% - 51.10% (Total)
50.96% - 51.07% (Annihilate)
50.97% - 51.16% (Conquer)
1.052 - 1.047 Roses Beta Biograft V0.5.0 Bright violet vs. Bright red
Ice Cream Popsicle 69.24% - 30.76% 50.55% - 49.94% (Open)
51.26% - 52.22% (Pro)
1.087 - 0.921 (Open)
1.006 - 1.039 (Pro)
Ice Cream Follower Sword V0.6.0 Teal vs. Orange
Possessed Bitten 66.28% - 33.72% 50.42% - 50.44% (Open)
50.88% - 50.84% (Pro)
1.035 - 1.016 (Open)
1.034 - 0.975 (Pro)
Possessed Jesterspace V0.7.0 Pastel blue vs. Bright green
Dove Crow 60.65 - 48.17 (Average healing) 50.02% - 50.51% (Open)
52.28% - 50.49% (Pro)
1.787 - 1.881 (Open)
1.839 - 1.841 (Pro)
Crow Vine Splash V0.8.0 Rose gold vs. Indigo

Phestival 1: Red vs. Blue

Red vs. Blue Phestival began on Phighting's opening with the first playtest, and lasted 2 days from February 19th, 2022 in the afternoon to February 20th, 2022 in the evening. The two teams were Red and Blue, the two main colors of the two teams in the base game. The Phestival was for Phighting's first playtest, and the reward for Team Red was Sci-fi Sword. However, due to a difficulty the developers had with data, Sci-fi Sword was given out to everybody.

The Phestival ended with Red winning. Red won in winrate with 57% to 43%, but lost in popularity with 49% to 51%. They ended up winning with their total of 50.1% to 49.9%.

According to 7GB0, Phighting's scripter, the results were most likely not accurate due to the scoring system not being set in stone, causing some confusing results. Although, he said that Team Red was the clear winner.

This Phestival had no changed maps or special events due to it coming with the opening of the game.

Phestival 2: Fried vs. Scrambled

Fried vs. Scrambled began on Phighting's second playtest, and lasted 3 days from April 15th, 2022 in the afternoon to April 18th, 2022 in the evening. The two teams were Fried and Scrambled and had the colors pink and green.

The Phestival was for Easter, and the reward for Team Fried was Hoverboard.

The Phestival ended with Fried winning. Fried won in winrate with 53.58% to 52.09%, and won in popularity with 50.58% to 49.42%. They ended up winning with their total of 52.75% to 51.56%. Overall, Team Fried beat Team Scrambled in every category.

This was the first Phestival to show off Phighting's idol duo, Flipside. Valk represented Team Fried, while Dom represented Team Scrambled.

This Phestival was the first to come with an event: the Easter event. Players could collect eggs by killing players, earning 50 would grant them with Medcarrot, Medkit's Easter skin, earning 100 would grant them PJ Rocket, Rocket's Easter skin, and earning 150 would grant them Catshot, Slingshot's Easter skin.

Additionally, this Phestival brought changes to Doomspire, DODGEBALL!, and Rocket Arena. All maps had their colors changed.

With this Phestival, 8 maps were added: DODGEBALL!, Banlands, King of the Hill, The Iron Cafe, Teapots of Doom, ROBLOX Mall, ROBLOX Museum, and Fractured Space. As well as Skateboard being added on the last day of the Phestival. The Phestival also brought a new round system, where rounds would always last its maximum time, as well as increase player walkspeed and change some aspects of maps during the final minute.

This is the first Phestival to have a map that increases the amount of points earned by winning. Fractured Space was added as a nod to many of ROBLOX's Egg hunts, and winning on this map would grant teams 5 points on the last day of the Phestival, and would eventually grant 10 points in the last hour of the Phestival. This map was also the first map to have a special final minute theme.

Phestival 3: Vanilla vs. Chocolate

Vanilla vs. Chocolate started on the release of V0.3.0, and ran for 4 days through 26 August 2022, 3:00 PM EST and 30 August 2022, 12:00 AM EST. This Phestival had a summer theme. Valk represented Team Vanilla, and Dom represented Team Chocolate.

This Phestival added 2 Phighters, those being Hyperlaser and Biograft. As well as adding new soundtracks, adding PANDEMONIUM CODA (old version), as the One Minute Left theme, as well as OVERTIME?! for Overtime. It also added OOF-Y GROOVES for Rocket Arena and HIGH TIME PHIGHT! for the second and onward title startup for the game.

Nuke The Whales, Rob The ROBLOX Bank and Train Demolition were all added during this Phestival, along with a summer theme for ROBLOX Mall and DODGEBALL!. This Phestival also added Crossroads, but it was still "under construction" as stated by Valk.

During each day of this Phestival, a status of the current results would be released. Team Chocolate ended up claiming each of these results, except for Day 2, where Team Vanilla was currently beating Team Chocolate by every category.

The reward for Team Chocolate was the Sword skin Marshmallow Sword.

Starting from this Phestival onward, the Multiplier Matches feature was introduced, where matches have a set % chance to have its rewards multiplied by 13x or 66.6x. Should a team win one of these Multiplier Matches, the Phestival team responsible for winning will have their Phestival Points from winning multiplied by those numbers.

Phestival 4: Sun vs. Moon

Sun vs. Moon occurred from 2 September 2022, 3:00 PM EST to 6 September 12:00 AM EST. The Phestival was created in response to the positive reception the game received from the release of v0.3.0 and to give new players who missed out on Phestival 3 a chance to participate. Sun Essence and Moon Essence were available as currency and used to buy skins during the event, and Darkheart would trade Bux for any remaining essence after the event ended.

No new maps or Phighters were added in this version, simply because of the fact that it occurred in V0.3.0, the same version as Vanilla vs. Chocolate.

During the Phestival, a special feature where the player could collect a limited-time currency known as Sun Essence and Moon Essence was introduced into this Phestival. To claim either currency, the player had to use certain Phighters to claim said currency at an another players death location. Playing as Sword, Skateboard, Rocket and Medkit would grant Sun Essence, while Biograft, Hyperlaser, Slingshot and Boombox would grant Moon Essence.

Both essences could be used to purchase newly added skins for a limited time. The Floatie Biograft skin for Biograft costed 75 of your Moon Essence as well as 2.5k Bux. The Cooler Boombox skin for Boombox could be purchased for 50 of your Sun Essence, as well as 7.5k of your Bux. The Pirate Medkit skin for Medkit costed 75 of both your Sun and Moon Essence, as well as 5k Bux.

This Phestival is also the only Phestival to use points to calculate the winning team.

The reward for Team Moon was the Rocket skin Buster Rocket.

Phestival 5: Bat vs. Rat

Bat vs. Rat occurred from 28 October 2022, 9:00 PM EST to 1 November, 12:00 AM EST. It was themed around Halloween, and Crossroads received decoration to match. This is also the first Halloween themed Phestival. This Phestival released alongside Playtest 4.

Starting from this Phestival onward, 3 new categories decide the winning team, those being:

  • Popularity
  • Winrate
  • Kill/Death (aka. K/D) ratio

The winning team has to win at least 2 of these categories to claim victory.

This Phestival introduced the 9th Phighter Subspace, the maps BOGIO Skatepark, Space Knights, and Underground War. Alongside a rework for Banland and Sword Fight On The Heights.

This Phestival also added new songs, being ALLEGRO ESPRESSO for The Iron Cafe, PHOTON PHASER for the newly added Space Knights, THE ULTIMATE STRATEGY for the Banland rework, and a remake of PANDEMONIUM CODA which is still being used today.

The reward for Team Bat was the Medkit skin Sianachkit.

Phestival 6: Rave vs. Relax

Rave vs. Relax occurred from 31 December 2022, 3:00 PM EST to 5 January 2023, 12:00 AM EST. This Phestival was themed after New years and added the 10th Phighter Katana, as well Phestival ranks which changed after gaining XP. A new mechanic, sword events were introduced on day 2.

The map DODGEBALL! received a rework and Fractured Space was temporarily added back into rotation. This Phestival also added 4 new skins and 4 old skins became purchasable.

Team Relax ended up beating Team Rave 2 - 1. The reward for Team Relax was the Hyperlaser skin Seraphlaser.

Phestival 7: Violets vs. Roses

Violets vs. Roses occurred from 20 April 2023, 4:00 PM EST to 29 April 12:00 AM EST. It was not themed for Easter, but occurred in the same month, a new limited currency Eggs were obtainable by winning matches. The new skins Eggsquerade Boombox, Cutiespace, and Rainbox were all available for 20k Bux and 50 eggs. Darkheart would trade any remaining Eggs for Bux, much like for Sun/Moon Essence.

The new maps Darkage Cliffs and Chaos Canyon were both added as well BOGIO Skatepark, Space Knights, and ROBLOX Mall all received reworks. The rendition of hybrid maps, which could be played on both Annihilate and Conquer.

Team Roses won with the final score of 4 - 1 and the reward for Team Roses was Beta Biograft.

Phestival 8: Ice Cream vs. Popsicle

Ice Cream vs. Popsicle occurred from 15 July 2023 to 24 July 2023. It was themed for the summer season, and Valk, Dom, and Zuka were given new outfits, and the PHIGHT! Lobby was given a redesign for the event. The 12th Phighter Vine Staff was introduce this Phestival. This event also introduced Pro servers for players level 100 and above. The new special map, Boomball, was also added.

Mid-Phestival stats were shown which showed the current winning team for 3 stats the categories released were popularity, Open winrate, and open K/D ratio.

The winner of this Phestival was Team Ice Cream with the score 2 - 3. The reward for Team Ice Cream was Follower Sword.

Phestival 9: Possessed vs. Bitten

Possessed vs. Bitten is the ninth Phestival, which occurred from 29 October 2023 to 7 November 2023. It was themed for Halloween. Valk and Dom were given new outfits related to their teams and Crossroads was also redesigned with halloween decorations again for the event. This Phestival released with Ban Hammer.

Team Possessed ended up beating Team Bitten by winning every category except for Open winrate, in which they lost by a 00.02% difference.

This Phestival also holds the record of the most skins added at a Phestival, being 7. This broke the previous record of 4 shared by Sun vs. Moon, Bat vs. Rat, Rave vs. Relax and Violets vs. Roses.

The reward for Team Possessed was the Jesterspace skin for Subspace.

Phestival 10: Dove vs. Crow

Dove vs. Crow is the tenth Phestival that occurred from 24 February 2024 to 3 March 2024. It was themed after Valentine's Day, and introduced a feature where players can earn Endorsements from others in the PHIGHT! Lobby after a round has completed. Valk and Dom received new outfits related to their teams, and a new Phighter, Scythe, was introduced with this Phestival, being the 14th one added to the game.

Starting from this Phestival forward, the Popularity category was replaced with a new Secret category feature, which is revealed at the final results. The said category for this Phestival was revealed to be which team did the most average healing throughout the Phestival, in which Team Dove gained a point.

Team Crow ended up beating Team Dove by 2 - 3 at the final results, and by the same score at the halftime results in the Phestival.

The reward for Team Crow was the Vine Splash Skin for Vine Staff.


  • Phestivals are inspired by Splatoon's Splatfests, and use some sound effects from said feature in the game.
  • During Phestivals, "THE FLIPSIDE" is played as the Crossroads theme.
  • A player's color in Crossroads will be the color of their chosen Phestival team.
  • The very first Phestival, Red vs. Blue, used a different way to calculate winrate, thus its percentages equal 100% compared to other Phestivals.
  • Violets vs. Roses is based on the poem line "Roses are red, Violets are blue."